Magical Birch and Fall Colors

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Just a quick post I’ve been trying to add for awhile. The weeping birch has gone full on faery condo, with a magical mushroom stairway to heaven, and a little woodpecker friend hollowing out the trunk. I have THE hardest time photographing this tree and getting it to load here, but hopefully this time will work. 🙂

Faery Stairway to Heaven

I love how the tree almost looks like a singing cyclops. Mums and asters are in their autumn glory, too:

Yesterday, my mood hair decided to join the party by taking on a purplish undertone to the more usual auburn. I say mood hair, because it changes color with my mood. The happier I get, the redder it gets, but if I get really, really joyful, it turns more purple. The background colors are off due to the light, but my hair and clothes are accurately portrayed. The connection…

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Kuntsler: How Dare He Recover?!!! — and my response —

Thanks to my “astrology student” Laura Bruno, who astutely noticed Pluto’s turning this past Sunday (see comment section of yesterday’s post), it certainly IS worth noting that Trump, supposedly on his CV deathbed, took a surprise (as usual: this president, with Sun conjunct unpredictable Uranus, is nothing BUT surprise) victory lap around Walter Read Hospital…

Kuntsler: How Dare He Recover?!!! — and my response —

Unresolved Trauma vs. Unresolved Trauma ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

So, true — thanks!

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very supportive of you no matter what you do, think, say, or believe is true about your reality, because we know that you will always be led from within to the truth that all is love. You have the ability to follow your hearts, and you also have the opportunity, if you want to call it that, to be guided by your trauma. Unresolved trauma leads to emotions that are not fully processed, and that leads to words, thoughts, actions, and beliefs that take you further and further from the light and from the truth that all is love.

Now, there have been a lot more people on your world getting triggered at this time because of the intensity of the times you are living in. And when these individuals get triggered, that…

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Blowing the Roof Off Your Heart: Through the Lens of a Lifelong Experiencer

Koyopa Rising

I’m interested in the lifelong evolution of ET contact, OBEs, Kundalini-Koyopa, and other spiritually transformative events. Both mine and others. That’s where the real data is – inside the ones who were seemingly pushed into More. Back then, I wasn’t even allowed to speak of it. The wounding I experienced in my younger years mostly came from being “too much.”Put a lid on it, they would say. The recent dream experiences and the downloads are helping to reverse all of this. The roof is so far blown off of the containment now that I doubt if we’d ever find it again. I, for one, will never agree to put that roof or any other roof over my consciousness again. We are witnessing now, what happens when we agree to be smaller than we actually are. And for many of us, what happens when we reverse our direction from…

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The Hunt for Red October – Charlie Freak with Alpa Soni

The Hunt for Red October – Charlie Freak with Alpa Soni


The wonderful Alpa Soni invited me to chat with her for the second time, with this show focusing upon the Trump Team’s Takedown of the Political Demons in Washington DC during the month of October, 2020, which includes Clintongate, Obamagate, Russiagate, Flynngate, the end of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the plan to eradicate Roe vs Wade, which is the Murder of Innocent Children known as Abortion and the theft of new born Babies in the hospital via the Lie of Stillborn Babies…thru the show, I explain Trump and the Q Team’s full plan to awaken the masses, known as the Hunt For Red October, where Blood will be spilled, but it will be the blood of these Demons…starting with Hillary Clinton…

The show then went on to explain our new Financial Jubilee, which is the Quantum Financial System (QFS) which is all about the eradication of Illegal banking practices for a new financial system that will see FAIRNESS return to all…it will be based upon a Debt Free currency that will feature real Gold and other Precious Metal Deposits…I explain how this system will be so much more than the NESARA/GESARA proposed by so many, and how this new system will not be based upon a Dollar-less, Crypto-Currency, rather a strong Dollar bill and minted Coins. During the show I explained that Debt removal would also include the creation of shared wealth for all, ensuring that ALL people’s needs are being met, including the bare minimum which includes a nice Home, Potable water, access to Free Energy, etc…also I shared that a new world is coming where taking care of one another will dominate our purpose and approach to life…and where educating our children outside of classrooms will become essential…

This conversation was a beautiful, flowing synchronicity where the thoughts of Alpa and myself connected with each other throughout…this resulted in pure Gnosis, and thru Alpa’s skilled handling of the show, we were able to cover an ENORMOUS amount of material in a way that even the most casual listener could relate to and innerstand…so, sit back, relax and enjoy this Mind Expanding conversation with myself and Alpa…CF

A startling bit of info: From WWII, the number 1 cash crop of the world was to harvest children. A huge tunnel system is STILL being taken down worldwide.

Remember… | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Dearest one, if you have been feeling low and challenged during this time of change, there are a few things The Universe would like you to remember:  

There has never been anyone exactly like you. The contributions to make to your Earth plane are incomparable!

What you experience and the challenges you master are not just for you. The wisdom and knowledge gained is added to the collective and contributes to the growth of your world!  

Every thought and action send ripples out into The Universe, returning to you in unexpected ways. You have the strength and power to change everything in your life…if you choose!  

You are loved beyond measure and supported in your growth and learning because you are worth it! ~Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Deer Moon Astrology 10/6/2020


Intuitive inspiration will take us far today. However, escapist routes and wishful thinking will lead us down a slippery slope that may be quite difficult to extricate ourselves from. The building imperatives from the forming Mars-Pluto square may create enough pressure for a remarkable breakthrough — but breakdowns are also possible if we push too hard or fail to recognize the warning signs. Decisions are especially difficult and today’s Gemini Moon increases nervous restlessness and the desire for quick fixes. It is especially important to slow down and take time to consider before we make any commitments.

There is so much to notice as the day unfolds! With the void-of-course moon entering the dynamic sign of Gemini this morning, today opens with a ton of mental downloads.

In fact, Mercury is all up in our busines today, both emotionally and spiritually. An enlightening opposition between the planet of communication in the intense sign of Scorpio…

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October 2020 Energy Update

October 2020 Energy Update: Power, Chaos, Heart-Quake Energy & More

Lee Harris Energy

The October Energy Update has arrived! The themes this month are many and are varied, and I hope you’re all doing okay out there. A few of the major points that came up are:

  • – POWER and the defense of power
  • – CHAOS in the #psychic highways and what that’s doing to us.
  • – HEART-QUAKE energy, how hearts are opening and what occurs as it happens.
  • – and WEIRD becoming the new normal.

Tune into the full #EnergyUpdate for a look at these and much more. Look after yourself well, and be good to yourself, and be good to others where you can.