Losing the towel

Spiritual Awakening

Finding an accountability buddy for the book

After I had found the inner resolve to share and write, some help appeared in an unexpected form. On October 10, 2013, I sat together with a friend at work when she suddenly asked me, “What different stages of insight have you gone through in your life?”

I was baffled. Where did that come from?

But then I realized that this was a godsend, an opportunity. In July 2013, I had already opened up to her and told her about my experiences with anger and burned out light-bulbs, inner peace and miracles, and that we are more than our body. This topic was not completely new for her.

“I was nudged to write a book about it. And it would be helpful to have someone to whom I can send the single chapters I write,” I told her.

With anticipation, I looked at…

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