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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloveds, be like goldfish who swim through life. How effortlessly they glide! They go around any obstacle or above it and do not think of the word “obstacle”. To goldfish, it’s as fine to swim this way as to swim that. They do not have their heart set on one direction over another. Swimming is swimming. And merrily they swim.

Their beauty lies in their swimming. Their grace is in their swimming. What they swim past or what swims past them is not a distraction nor is it of import. Always there are other swimmers in the sea of life a fish swims in. Whatever other swimmers there may be, no matter how spectacular they may be, every fish knows his own worthiness. He takes notice but does not compare. One fish is not better than another. They exist as they are.

Wherever other fish swim to, it’s…

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