Divine Providence is in Control

Divine Providence is in Control

FreakSense TV

Are the White Hats truly in Control right now??? And who is going to win this Battle for our Souls?

In a truly enlightened conversation Jen Mccarty hosted both Magenta Pixie and Charlie Freak, and while Charlie had some signal issues near the start of the show, Jen and Magenta soared with their take on whether or not the White Hats were indeed in control under the leadership of US President Donald J. Trump. At about the 38 minute mark, Charlie re-entered the conversation and went on a run that included the Takedown of the Cabal, the Q Team and Donald J. Trump, Health Care and Education moving forward, along with Human Physiology, and an endless stream of subjects.

It was truly an amazing discussion between these three that resulted in a ton of knowledge being shared…so sit back, relax and enjoy a show that will blow your mind at every turn!

Until the U.S. Election on November 3rd, many things could happen and are still in play…

All roads lead to Venice, not Rome… the ship at sea (Admiralty Law)

This conversation might help some people understand the energetics of what is going on right NOW in the chess game between the White Hat Alliance and the 13 Bloodline Families (the Cabal).