October Moon Madness!!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

(c)2004 Fred Espenak

I know how much you love and miss my handy dandy diagrams/visuals of what I try and explain about stuff, in todays case, everyone’s field thru October.

Keep in mind, time only exists for me and you. In energy systems, there is no time, no arrival, no past, just energy systems as a whole. Even what we think of as our moon phases, in the quantum world of spirit and energy, exist all at the same time. However, to the human incarnate, we are not completely designed in that way, so we experience time as an orientation to this crazy ass realm we call earth.

That said, here is the diagram of October. I have had enough field readings to say, it is the layout for all of us in the higher frequencies on earth. Wait, for us to consciously work with and assist ourselves in our…

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