Elemental Realms of “The Mothers”

Our Spirit

“The soul on its path to the “mothers” passes the preceding lives through which it has gone during its descent from its former existence in perfection, to its present life in imperfection.”

Rudolf Steiner, TheRiddles of Philosophy

A great deal of confusion hovers around Steiner’s references to the three elemental worlds, often conflating them with elemental beings, elemental forces, and the etheric formative forces. Out of a need for clarification about this most important area of Steiner’s cosmology, this article offers a summary of Steiner’s indication on the topic and the response of some of his students.

Oskar Kurten’s 2018 book, Symphonies of Creation The Primal Elementary Kingdoms in the Work of Rudolf Steiner, from Temple Lodge Press, does a marvelous job presenting the Three Elemental Worlds directly from the work of Rudolf Steiner. Numerous books have recently been published, by other authors, concerning this topic that have caused…

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