Guidance Through The Storm; #2

Serve with a twist of lemon and a sprig of mint!

the celestial team

Yes, it is us– it is the celestial team!

The fizzing of energy we feel among You now has engaged our frequencies in a most positive and infectious way!

Ah, we know the word “infectious” arouses fear among You in this moment of your “time.” But we wanted You to see that “infectious” can also describe a most wonder-full process, which is how rapidly and effortlessly Love/Light can be spread from one to another!

We feel it important to pause here, before proceeding with our message, to clarify that the words used in your third dimensional realm cannot, and were not created to, express meanings that are multi-dimensional in nature. Thus, we choose words that, in the context of our communications, might elicit the flavor, or frequency, of our meaning (such as “infectious,” for example!)

We amuse ourselves now, for we realize that we ask that You be poets in…

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Elemental Realms of “The Mothers”

Our Spirit

“The soul on its path to the “mothers” passes the preceding lives through which it has gone during its descent from its former existence in perfection, to its present life in imperfection.”

Rudolf Steiner, TheRiddles of Philosophy

A great deal of confusion hovers around Steiner’s references to the three elemental worlds, often conflating them with elemental beings, elemental forces, and the etheric formative forces. Out of a need for clarification about this most important area of Steiner’s cosmology, this article offers a summary of Steiner’s indication on the topic and the response of some of his students.

Oskar Kurten’s 2018 book, Symphonies of Creation The Primal Elementary Kingdoms in the Work of Rudolf Steiner, from Temple Lodge Press, does a marvelous job presenting the Three Elemental Worlds directly from the work of Rudolf Steiner. Numerous books have recently been published, by other authors, concerning this topic that have caused…

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Sunday Evening Art Gallery (flashback) — the Universe

Humoring the Goddess

The Universe has been around long before my blog post in June of 2015. But the images, the inspiration, the vastness of possibilities has always and will always exist.

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff”.  Carl Sagan. 

Cone Nebula

Hercules Globular Cluster

Ghost Nebula

Whirlpool Galaxy

Mystic Mountain, Carina Nebula

Centaurus A

These and other beauties can be found in my Gallery, or at the mother of all space image sites, HubbleSite.

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October Moon Madness!!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

(c)2004 Fred Espenak

I know how much you love and miss my handy dandy diagrams/visuals of what I try and explain about stuff, in todays case, everyone’s field thru October.

Keep in mind, time only exists for me and you. In energy systems, there is no time, no arrival, no past, just energy systems as a whole. Even what we think of as our moon phases, in the quantum world of spirit and energy, exist all at the same time. However, to the human incarnate, we are not completely designed in that way, so we experience time as an orientation to this crazy ass realm we call earth.

That said, here is the diagram of October. I have had enough field readings to say, it is the layout for all of us in the higher frequencies on earth. Wait, for us to consciously work with and assist ourselves in our…

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Deer Moon Astrology 10/3-10/4/2020


SATURDAY, 10/3/2020: The day opens with a void-of-course moon in feisty Aries phasing into the earthy sign of Taurus. This is incredible timing for giving yourself a long cycle to process the lessons you’ve tackled these last few days. The Aries moon energy causes many to act without thinking, the waning gibbous moon in the sign of the Bull adds detail to the action. It’s a great day to slow your roll and unwind a bit.

With Venus transiting through Virgo, there is a therapeutic lunar trine to the greater Divine Feminine in the skies. It’s all about finding the perfect plan right now and taking care of your physical body. Financial and romantic needs are quite satisfying, and your senses are heightened with these aspects. Make sure that you are pursuing your goals and following a step-by-step process in order to progress. It’s not about how quickly you get…

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October 2020 North Node Horoscopes are Here

Laura Bruno's Blog

They’re still having big technical issues over at CGO. We agreed that I should post these here, so that they go out in a timely manner. I’m including the original intro, followed by the individual monthly North Node Horoscopes. At some point, all the fun graphics and the correct month will be up on their site, but until then, here’s the astro weather and the individual scopes.


October 2020 begins with a Full Moon in Aries on the 1st and ends with a potent Blue Moon on Halloween. This second Full Moon of the month is electric as it conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on a day when the veils between worlds are already very thin. Make a wish and let the lightning impulse ground into the Earth. The last Full Moon on Halloween was in 2001.

On October 9, Mars makes his second exact square…

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The Little Ribbon of Time | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Something grand is before you. It is time for you to know that. Miniscule is not before you. Miniscule is behind you. That is why you must not keep returning to the past. You will miss the present. You really don’t want to miss the present. The present is presented to you. I present it to you right now. I present an unopened package of wonders, and it has to be opened right away, or the moment is gone.

Pull the little ribbon of time that seems to box it. In truth, it is a steady pulling of the ribbon. You pull it, and it slips from its knot and unwinds itself before your very eyes. And with a gasp of joy, you remove the cover the ribbon held loosely, for life is given to you in breaths and in amazement.

And yet, many times you are sad…

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