Swimmers of Eternity | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Nothing is wasted in the universe, so your life cannot be for naught. Your life may not be the life you wanted, but it is your life. Your dreams may be yet to come. Objections keep you from fulfilling your desires. Objections hold you back. All the reasons you conjure up for not fulfilling your dreams when there is only one reason necessary to fulfill them, and that is the dream itself.

Your dream fulfilled is not the fulfillment. That has been proved to you time and time again. Winning the race is not the fulfillment. Whatever is short-lived is not fulfillment. It is merely a momentary pause. The desire is the fulfillment. The going for it is the fulfillment. The act of reaching is the fulfillment. Achieving is merely punctuation. Perhaps an exclamation mark. What is finished is done with. What is unfinished is the enterprise.


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