Eliza: We’re Dropping into a Bumpy Month

From the pumpkin patch

Eliza:  We’re Dropping into a Bumpy Month

According to the energetics, long predicted by sources such as Laura Walker of the Oracle Report, The National Dream Center, Phoenix from Patriot Intel Report, and Lorie Ladd (channeler, author) the human collective is entering a very intense period where ‘many things will be playing out in the field of human consciousness’.  It is our choice if we are going to react to these revelations and events from the old way (fear-based) or the higher way (compassion, empathy).

As for myself, I find I am calmer, more balanced, less emotional and reactive than I was just a couple of weeks ago.  Yet, each one of us has a choice every single day on how we are going to view or react to what has entered the picture of our world.

When I go on my morning walks, I am always observing the flight of birds, the call of birds, the gymnastics of the bushy-tailed squirrels who scurry out of my way, the “if I freeze, she can’t see me” stance of the native marsh rabbits… the crunch of leaves fallen from a windy thunderstorm, the gray cloud looming above my head.  Observations, not judgments.  Nature is. 

I guess, with the conditioning that all humans have undergone over thousands of years, we have been programmed and taught to judge everything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘indifferent’.  It takes a lot of energy and focus to break that old habit, not to blame things that ‘happen’ to us on other people, but to accept our responsibility, our POWER to create our circumstances according to what we focus on and how we focus on the subject or action.

I observe how calm or not I am during the day.  Whether my stomach clenches when I view something that happened in a city that is currently under siege, or overhear a report on MSM news (that my housemate is viewing) telling yet another story about Trump… which is usually not based in fact, but that my housemate believes because he chooses to believe it.  So, I limit my exposure to these things as much as possible, play high vibrational music throughout the day, practice deep breathing to calm any nerves that might arise due to just feeling the vibes of the overall human collective, increasing my intake of fruit, vegies, and water – gradually moving towards a more centered state of Being than I have been in for a long time.

I once thought I would be helpful and led a strange horse to a small stream so it could drink.  Not being used to me, the horse refused to drink and just wanted to be loaded up into the trailer that was waiting to take it home.  What is the old saying?  “You can’t lead a horse to water.”  We can’t force others to wake up.  Sure, my housemate might be overwhelmed someday when things don’t turn out quite the way he imagined them.  Well, that’s when we can offer some empathic understanding or not.  It’s our choice.

The old systems are breaking down rapidly now, as the old controllers fight tooth and nail for their very survival.  They know they are finished, but still being what and who they are, it will be a fight until the end.  And we can’t let up our guard… and yet, beyond that, see what is happening from the higher perspective.  The dark team is humanity’s wake up call.  Do you want to see your world destroyed, your families torn apart, you and your neighbors forced to stand in front of a firing squad because you happened to vote a particular way, your business and livelihood destroyed by ‘peaceful’ protestors, your culture, race, religion, gender under attack simply because you are different? 

Despite our differences in appearance, cultural preferences, upbringing… humanity is a collective, a very colorful and varied collective.  Our origins are lost in the mists of time, yet ancient texts and remembrances are bringing back to common knowledge that most humans are hybrids, between extraterrestrial races and indigenous ones, those that got their ‘start’ here on the planet. 

Then, some of us are remembering that we are a spiritual being, a form of consciousness living a ‘human’ experience through a human Avatar or body.  We are not the body.  We do not have just one life, but many, experienced as different levels of consciousness, many beyond the current comprehension of most ‘normal’ everyday people.  There is much to remember. 

I have been posting the videos of Jason Shurka and others recently, but it doesn’t mean I accept all of the ideas presented.  I just put the information out there for people to make up their own minds.  Only you can determine what truly resonates with your current state of consciousness no matter what kind of flowery phases I might put out there.

Well, I just wanted to say a few words today.  We are going into an intense month bracketed by two full moons, one just past on the 1st and the second on Halloween, the 31st.  Check with your favorite astrologer (I am no expert) to see what the daily influences and energetics might be and realize you can rise in frequency so as not to be affected by those influences.  It’s our choice, as individuals and as a collective whole.

We will make it through this phase and out the other side, but as we are clearing the collective misaligned energies of humanity (since its fall from 5D) there will be a lot of moving through various degrees and levels of lower consciousness, from hatred, dislike, fear, judgment, anger, sorrow, grief… etc.  Pick your poison or let it go.  Feel it, identify it, and release it.  Use the Violet Flame as Patricia Cota-Robles has suggested for decades to clear the aftereffects of experiencing such intensely packed low vibrations and feel your heart soar above the clouds.

I send you my blessings and love,

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

6 thoughts on “Eliza: We’re Dropping into a Bumpy Month

  1. I now have the opportunity to Thank you from a cyber perspective ‘ lol 🙂 Having detached myself from sow shall mead ya 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. Found you & yr brilliant blog fru SCENIC Sasquatch and ever great full for this lifeline and opportunity to share this gem – LOVE n FUZZ xx ((<3))

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