Welcome to the October Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 4

aisha north

Dear friends!
Once again we stand before a vibrant, new month. A month that starts and ends with a full moon. A month where it seems a lot of dust will be kicked up by all those still trying to obscure the light that is already so present on this planet. For the light keeps pouring in, and with it, comes a frequency meant to literally shake up whatever needs to be shifted. I am looking forward to BE with all of you for our Gathering this Sunday. As ONE, we can light up the path for those who have a hard time navigating through all of the chaos and confusion out there:

“Incandescent light

is emerging from your core.

Do not be fazed by your own powers,

for you are indeed a beautiful force of nature.

You are not here to dim yourself down.

Rather, you are here to…

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