October 2020 Astro Weather and North Node Horoscopes

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Happy Full Moon! It’s conjunct Wounded Healer Chiron, so this one could bring up old wounds and the chance to heal them. (5:05 p.m. Eastern US time.)

I’m going ahead and posting my intro to this month’s North Node Horoscopes, because Catherine Grace O’s site is having another round of hosting issues. Hopefully, the new scopes will be up in the next 24 hours. I’ll confirm when they’re up, but you can also try clicking here in case they get it fixed sooner than I’m back online. This month has some of the most powerful alignments all year!

October 2020 Astro Weather

October 2020 begins with a Full Moon in Aries on the 1st and ends with a potent Blue Moon on Halloween. This second Full Moon of the month is electric as it conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on a day when the veils between worlds are already very thin…

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Happy October & Harvest Aries Full Moon ~ An Energy Forecast for the Month

Best Autumn wishes, Tania!

Tania Marie

Astrid and I would like to send our heartfelt wishes to you all. We can feel the continued rise of tensions out there and in any way that we, or this blog and posts where we express inspirations, thoughts and our experiences, can act as a bridge…it is for these reasons we share.

Astrid received a special little surprise gift from mom, which we were going to wait until Halloween to share. However, she wanted me to go ahead now, since she’ll be wearing this hat all month and beyond. A way to let you see not only her royal essence (as her sunflower crown has revealed), but her cosmic wizardry and faery rabbit witchy essence.

I found her the perfect little sparkly purple wizard/witch hat with moon and star on it and she loves it. She is a hat lover in general, always sitting still for me to place…

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The New Light, Part 2

Koyopa Rising

My job is to tell you what I see coming and how to prepare. As I reported in The New Light – Part 1, soon we will be tested, and to a degree that we have not experienced to date. Whatever that looks like for you, both individually and collectively, through your belief systems in “other” or if you’ve done the work in anchoring this Light within you, you will likely experience more blatant manifestations of the dark. It is up to you how you move through this challenge. Will you break the spell or agree to it? We have already witnessed this darkness vigorously promoting fear as it has become less and less interested in hiding its appetite for control. Why? Virtual Reality 2.0 requires your energy and participation. We are at the proverbial crossroads. Fear goes one way (contraction). Love goes another (expansion).

Hopi Prophecy Rock


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The Emblem of the Heart | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Let Us be today as though today is a holy day, a whole day meant for appreciation of what life brings. And, so, We set a tone to Our day and Our life, Our life together in each moment of Eternity.

My life is your life. Your life is My life. As We set out on our adventure of today, We bear in mind Our Oneness and Our Wholeness. Even if today looks like any other day, it will be a day of a different dimension because We set out together in Our awareness and because We anticipate a Day of Wholeness, Holiness, a Day of Value Supreme.

You set the tone of your day. Set it from on High.

Set a tone of joy, for what can Wholeness be but joy? And so you set a timer, so to speak, for joy. And joy it is. In…

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Freedom From Maritime Admiralty Law – Chris James & Charlie Freak

Charlie Freak Talks with Christopher James about the Lie that is our Maritime Admiralty Laws

Charlie FreakSense TV

My conversation with Chris James was designed to bring an urgent awareness to our CURRENT reality that SEAS us living a Lie of the Maritime Admiralty Waters…that Mankind has been HIJACKED by a Trespass, a Transgression against our Freedom gifted to us from God…and that what has been set up in its place is a False world that has Usurped the Beautiful English Language into the Black Magic Lies of Legalese…a language of the High Seas, a Language of DEATH, CONTROL and thus, not Life.

At the Heart of this MASSIVE Subterfuge lies the Truth that we are all God’s Creations, and thus, we possess, ETERNALLY, certain immutable RIGHTS that cannot be affirmed by any piece of paper, or protected by any Politician…conversely, neither can these RIGHTS ever be taken away by anyone, for any reasons, other than by OURSELVES, which is what we have done, largely unknowingly. And what has replaced our basic Rights to Freedom, to one’s own Creations, and to Peace is this FALSE communal of Words, Laws, and Paper Documents, such as Bonds, Surety, “Legal Tender”, Contracts, Loans and “Rights”.

Chris and I teach during the show that the ANSWERS to these Problems created against us by this Specious system of DEATH and CORPSErations, must come from Within us, they must come from taking back our own Awesome Powers of the Living, Breathing Individual of the LAND from the Phoney Phoenician Death Laws of the High Seas. We are all the Chosen Ones of God, and our Gifts of God cannot be taken away from us, EVER, by any Outside Force…for this crime to occur, WE must willingly hand our Freedom OVER, by Ourselves, to our Captors…and this is Precisely what we have done, again, largely unknowingly, because they have lied to us from the moment we were Born!

So, sit back, relax, and let God’s Holistic Truth wash over both your Body and Mind, and let it cleanse away all the dirt and grime from your Soul…enter into the realm of the ONE where ONLY the Holistic Truth exists…God Bless!

Discover, Examine and Support the wonderful teachings of Christopher James via these links…

Website: http://www.awarriorcalls.com

More links available on YouTube.com

White Hat and Cabal Showdown into US Election

Magenta Pixie, Charlie Freak, Jen McCarthy


⁣Join Jen McCarty and her guests Magenta Pixie and Charlie Freak as they present their unique perspectives and intel regarding the dark to light play out on Earth. Unravelling the attempted NWO rollout in America, the UK and Australia and the significance of the US election and potential for a Donald Trump presidential win. Recorded September 28th 2020.

Until the US Election on November 3rd, 2020, things are still in play…

‘Write that book! You are late’

Spiritual Awakening

So, the breathing issues had improved. But my guidance would not let go of their original request.

On September 28, I was in a very relaxed mood, sitting on my sofa, and enjoying a book with a Jesus channeling when I read a paragraph where it was suggested that we should ask God, ‘Father, what would you have me do?

I thought, good question, I would ask that. After that, I became still and waited for the answer.

Write that book! You are late.’ appeared in my mind like a thought or like a silently spoken phrase.

It ‘sounded’ like these were my own thoughts. But they weren’t. It would be more accurate to describe them as thoughts in my mind which I did not think.

I was baffled. Was it from spirit? I couldn’t tell. I thought, well, if this was from my spirit…

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Deer Moon Astrology 10/1/2020


It’s the first day of October.

Today’s Aries Full Moon (2:05 PM PDT 9° Aries/Libra) finds us ready break free of our restraints. Nearby Chiron encourages the Aries Moon to boldly break with the crowd. The tension slowly begins to build as obstacles are encountered, questions are asked, and limits are imposed. We are required to make adjustments to our plans, resulting in significant discomfort. Nonetheless, the Aries Full Moon is highly imbued with potent creative energy and a heightened sense of power. Although we should still not be looking for anything like quick results, the required adjustments are actually just course corrections and a broader perspective will help us cope with the discomfort and find our way through. Some may feel increasingly fatalistic — the shocks just keep coming — but if we can weave whatever comes our way into a meaningful pattern, we will soon see a clear path forward.


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