X22 Report Spotlight, 31 Oct 2020


Today’s Guest: Bitcoin Ben

Ben discusses the history of the [DS] and how they planned to take over the world. They were preparing to move their plan forward and then Trump came into the picture and changed everything. Trump has a secret weapon and is going to use it to bring down the [DS]. The [DS] system and plan are already dead.

Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep. 6: The Light Within

Koyopa Rising

Eduardo opens with a Mayan prayer. Eileen reflects on the messages that have often spoken of the light at the core of every human. The same light is at the center of the Earth, the center of the galaxy, and beyond. While much of humanity has been derailed from their natural state, in this intersection between worlds we can meet this opportunity to restore the Divine light within. Eileen speaks of the power of our will to synchronize with the soul, and what can get in the way of accessing our greater gifts. Dark forces can only manipulate us when we are off-line from our natural multidimensional state. With Love as the primary Force of the Universe, we must ask whether our chosen leaders actually embody this Love and our universal values. This is key in moving forward. Eduardo and Eileen explore and share much more about actively restoring our…

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Guidance Through The Storm; #6

the celestial team

A warm and loving hello to You from the celestial team!

Perhaps You have begun to become familiar with what the FREQUENCIES of our greetings feel like.

If so, You could not thrill us more.

If so, then You may also have noticed a subtle difference in them today– an intensity in our desire to awaken You into remembering who You are, perhaps, and why You are on planet earth during this particular segment of your linear time construct.

If so, BRAVO.

We never lie to You. We do always share our perspective. Depending on your OWN current frequency range, our perspectives will resonate or not. If they don’t, there is nothing to do but forget about them. We wish You to keep that in mind as You take in this transmission.

From our perspective, there is a great need vibrating outward from your human collective that is so strong…

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What’s To Come: Understanding FEAR NARRATIVES

What’s To Come: Understanding FEAR NARRATIVES

Lorie Ladd

We are currently moving through an evolution of consciousness, as we move from a low frequency to a higher consciousness.

We are experiencing all kinds of narratives currently playing out. There are many narratives about what may play out and there are some narratives that will.

A narrative is based on a timeline, which is based on a frequency, that depends on what frequency the majority of the human collective is holding. These frequencies are what we are shifting them. We are shifting them when we choose the opposite to what these narratives that want us to feel fear, worry, stress, panic, concern. When you feel those, you choose that timeline the narrative wants to play out.

Choose the opposite, compassion, love, serenity… than what the fear narrative is telling you to be and experience. If all of us choose to be the opposite of how the narrative wants us to be, we will NEVER experience that timeline.

What is the frequency of any narrative. Feel, observe, and be the opposite. This is designed to unravel this way. We have to choose the higher timeline by holding the higher state of consciousness.

  1. Stay present.
  2. Choose the higher timeline.
  3. Remember the bigger picture.
  4. What if I was safe? Nothing to fear. Fear is a control mechanism.
  5. We are ALL protected and surrounded by Love.
  6. Get more information and then choose.

We can come together in love, compassion, joy, abundance. Choose it.

I AM Safe. I AM Sovereign. I AM Light.

Fear is an Illusion. We are NOT victims. We are doing this together!

Hope | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Dear one, please remember each decision makes a difference.  Even though you may not fully understand, know that your free will and ability to choose can have a positive effect on the world around you.  Staying peaceful during this time of change moves you closer to the life you have been manifesting.  Hope comes in many forms.  If you are not able to see it yet, look a bit closer. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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This Week 1-5 November 2020 Echoes — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The Arnold Children, Western Washington, 1939 Photo By Dorothea Lange, available through the US Library of Congress On the 1st we’re still ridin’ that Full Moon wave (or are they tremors, in humble Taurus?) It’s a matter of trying to square (see what I did there, between Merc and Saturn?) thinking with reality, communication go-aheads […]

This Week 1-5 November 2020 Echoes — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Despite Anything | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you say, “Despite this and that,” you are speaking of the relative world. When it comes to Heaven, there is no despite anything. There are no exceptions in Heaven. There is nothing to push aside. What could an angel say? “Despite my wings, I am happy.” Or, “Despite my life on Earth, I’m fine now.” Or, “Despite what is going on in the world, now I’m in Heaven.”

In the world you look for exceptions, and these are your excuses.

On Earth, even a hero might say: “Despite the obstacles, I triumphed.” Why, it could even be because of the obstacles that he triumphed! Perhaps every perceived flaw was a notch in his belt of success.

Now I will use the word “despite” to make a point: Despite everything I have given you, you find fault. Despite all the gifts and blessings, you find complaint. Despite all…

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The Vortexes, Consciousness and Desires of Unexpected Places!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Happy Halloween!! The moon is bright and full this morning here in my crazy world. This blog has been trying to get written for the last 4 days and well, today is the day I am going to push it thru to finished!!

This past week, in 2 of the combo readings (body/ET) that I had done, there was a focus on energy fields I never realized held its own consciousness and desires. Things like, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc..

I will start with the easiest to understand. Neighborhoods. Once a neighborhood is built, regardless of the intention of the builders themselves. a neighborhood forms a vortex of consciousness. Of course, its consciousness is directly aligned with that of the city vortex, but we will get to that in a moment. Now, every neighborhood has houses/homes/businesses. etc. located within them. Those buildings also have their own vortex within the vortex…

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November Forecast and North Node Horoscopes

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy Blue Moon Halloween! At 10:49 a.m. Eastern US time, today’s second Full Moon of the month very closely conjuncts Uranus at 8 degrees Taurus, adding extra surprises, liberation and transformation to an already potent day of very thin veils.

Mercury stations direct on November 3 — election day in the US — clearing at least some of the confusion and miscommunication of the past few weeks. We’ll still have some difficult friction and slowing aspects throughout the month, so don’t get discouraged if things continue feeling kinda crazy. This, too, shall pass. (Eventually!) Though still inhibited by intense squares from Capricorn, Mars stationing direct in Aries on the 13th should help to move along stalled or revamped plans.

Venus spends most of November in her home sign, Libra. Fellow Air Signs Gemini and Aquarius will also get a boost from the Goddess of love, beauty, money, the arts and…

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Deer Moon Astrology 10/31-11/01/2020


SATURDAY, 10/31/2020: No matter how brilliant we may be as individuals, all of us stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Heritage and tradition provide the basis upon which new structures and new traditions are formed and come into being — everything is a response to what has come before, whether it be a rejection of the past or a return to it. The challenge we face today is understanding what can be repaired and what must be torn down and cleared away so that the ground can be cleared for new structures to be created. This morning’s Full Moon (7:42 AM PDT 8° Taurus/Scorpio), conjunct Uranus brings us face to face with this challenge to our awareness and understanding. What can be repaired? What must be cleared away? The light of the Full Moon shines directly upon this question. More than most Full Moons, this is a…

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