Eliza: Autumn Breezes

Eliza: Autumn Breezes

The photo above was taken outside of Walla Walla, Washington State a few years ago. The signs of the approach of Autumn in Florida are far more subtle, just a few degrees cooler in the morning, less humidity, stronger breezes in the afternoons, high thin clouds sweeping across the Peninsula pulled by the tropical storm that just went onshore in Texas. There was the call of the mockingbird ringing through the neighborhood as I took my walk, as males were staking out their territories and preparing for the mating season. The baby ducks are full grown now; the goose family has departed.

I haven’t written as much on the blog the last couple of days as I have been back again writing more chapters of my book. Writing is a comfort to me right now. I have now been writing extensively for over two years and the story continues to unfold from within.

I have calmed down considerably. Perhaps the energies have let up, although it is being emphasized through several sources that ‘things’ are going to become rather pressurized as the dark consciousness continues to rise to the surface for clearing. I am remembering to observe and allow for the clearing without assigning labels and judgments on what is occurring. We are undergoing a massive paradigm shift now, which will take several years to fully unfold. No, there is no skipping over some rainbow bridge to discover unicorns and butterflies on the other side. We have to endure feeling the pain, seeing the damage done, and focus on taking back our individual and collective power and sovereignty.

Remember, dear ones, that your guides are always beside you. Sit still for a few minutes and use your imagination to create conversations with these patient Light Beings. They are waiting to be acknowledged by you. If you give them the opportunity, they will teach you how to remember what you left behind when you made the bold and courageous choice to come here and drop into a human vehicle.

Never think for a moment that you have been abandoned or are unloved. You are the couragous ones, the wayshowers whose focused consciousness is dissolving the dark into nothingness. It will take ‘time’ from the perspective of 3D, but truly it will seem like a dark dream when you finally emerge on the other side in a new and glorious world.

Endurance, patience, and wisdom are called for now… be kind to yourself and others.

I send my blessings and love to all,


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