Eliza: Weathering the Storm

Eliza:  Weathering the Storm

Okay, okay… folks have voted – keep X22 Report and a few other disclosure reports.  So, I will, for now.

Morning walk… quiet dawn, no wind, despite the fact there is a tropical storm, Beta, brewing in the Gulf of Mexico and another one, Teddy, churning in the west Atlantic.  The dawn was filled with the call of birds, including another mockingbird who settled down on a fence post just as I passed by.  Ibises, ducks, herons, grackles, geese, a couple of squirrels and two marsh rabbits… lots of wildlife despite the neighborhood being a suburb.  That’s Florida.  If the people left, there wouldn’t be many traces of “civilization” after a hundred years or so; the jungle or hammock as they call it here, would take over the lot. 

I once saw the remains of an old sugar mill in a hammock in NE Florida, Bulow Woods, a place filled with huge old oaks, red maples, hickories, pines, cabbage palm, native hollies, and saw palmetto.  Not much was left, just the lower walls built out of local coquina (limestone) stone.  Apparently, the mill was burnt down during a Seminole uprising.  Ghosts from the past. 

I have calmed down this past week.  Anger and frustration are gone, like the breezes from last week’s passage of Tropical Storm Sally.  The storm didn’t do much damage where I live, but southern Florida (Miami south) got walloped… and a few days later, Louisiana, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle got the brunt of the then hurricane.

I have listened to Lorie Ladd and Laura Walker this past week, giving energy updates, as well as Phoenix on PIR (Patriot Intel Report).  All indicate the next five months will be “bumpy”, certainly to the start of the next astrological year and especially around the American election in early November.  It isn’t far off now.  The Left are lining up their troops to attack the populace and commit “peaceful” protests that somehow end up burning small businesses, wrecking cars, and neighborhoods.  There is an undeclared civil war that isn’t very civil, one between the “patriots” and the minions of the globalists who still want to resume their 16-year plan to take down America, which faltered for a time due to the unexpected election of Donald J. Trump.  They thought she would win.  She didn’t and now “they” are taking it out on the citizens, both who voted for Trump and those who didn’t – basically anyone who gets in their way. 

This whole phenomenon, this upset of business as usual, added to the whole virus lockdown and rumors of deep underground bases, mass arrests, freeing the children, rampant pedophilia, human trafficking, adrenochrome… all the dark secrets of the underworld of our “culture” are being unearthed and revealed to a disbelieving public, at least those who are watching alternative news sources.  The people have seen how the mass media sources seem to ignore major stories in a bid to follow the orders from their puppet masters, the globalists.

This isn’t about Republican versus Democrat; it is a spiritual battle for the taking back of freedoms granted by our Creator, whatever name or gender you want to call it, God-given rights, like freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to pursue “happiness” like getting a job, maintaining your family, buying a house.  All of things have been interrupted by the events of this past spring and summer.  Allegedly, thousands of Democrats are leaving their old party given that they seem to overtly back the “protestors” and have doubled-down on the virus mandates.  However, the long-suppressed oppression of the people stems from interests in both parties, those who rather sell their soul for a bit of cash or who are black-mailed into doing the bidding of the globalists.

So, what does this have to do with me and my world?  I’m observing it just like the rest of you, only I have known of many of these things for a long time.  I stopped voting when Obama was a candidate and watched him write executive orders that repressed the rights of American citizens.  The corruption was apparent.  I knew he was what is expressed as a Manchurian candidate, someone who has been either groomed for the position or blackmailed into obeying the orders of others who have far more power than they should, but who would rather stay hidden in the shadows.

I didn’t vote for Trump; I probably will come this November, simply because he is supporting the people at great personal cost.  He is the figurehead, the point man, the brash New York real estate mogul who has rubbed elbows with the rich and powerful for decades before being called to perform a thankless mission, to expose himself and his family to great danger in the face of inconceivable odds, while supported by a secretive military cabal who are intent in removing the corruption of the deep state (foreign-owned interests) within the bureaucracy of the United States corporation.  We have not been living in a republic, not even a democracy.  It’s been a sham, since just a few years after the Revolutionary War, and worst still, after the Federal Reserve central bank was installed and the Internal Revenue Service was illegally begun… with the intent to bleed America dry and to make its people into debt slaves.  It succeeded, until Trump came into office and worked to incorporate the Fed into the Treasury Department.  The Fed (a privately owned central bank owned and run by the Rothschild Family of Great Britain) and the IRS are going down, and their fiat dollar money system and its usury (against the commands of God) with it.

All of these things are affecting each and every one of us, even those folks who live in foreign climes.  No human will be untouched by the changes wrought upon our world, not even the most remote tribes living deep in the Amazon Basin, if such people still exist (the great forests are being mowed down to create farms and pastures). 

Deep Underground bases and cities are being penetrated by Alliance forces, freeing the children stored there, and freeing advanced technologies that have been used for well over a century (perhaps even more).  Once reserved only for the rich and powerful bloodline families and their minions, these things are being revealed to the world.  Much cannot be shared.  Just know this kind of thing has been going on for a long time, thousands of years on this planet, for longer elsewhere.  The Pleiadians long fought a desperate war against a dark enemy who stole women and children… and that was hundreds of thousands of years ago.

How do we ultimately defeat the enemy of humanity?  By raising our frequency.  By becoming awake and spreading the word of what is being revealed to your friends, neighbors, and relatives.  Provide the intel and let them decide whether or not to accept it.  Each person is responsible for making their own decisions whether or not they are willing to go into some of the dark places now being revealed.

It is all for a purpose… to shock awake humanity into taking back its power, personal (individual) and as a collective.  It’s time to adult.

This is only a piece of the puzzle that is playing out.  Yet, humanity and the planet are firmly on an ascension timeline.  You are ascending, even if you don’t understand what is going on.  Physical ascension is happening; its effects are all around you now, as old systems crumble and new ones begin to take shape in one’s imagination.  Who knows what the future will bring or what the Earth will look like in twenty years?

I AM here with all of you, observing, remaining as detached as possible, feeling the flow of emotions, and not attempting to assign value or labels to them.  Just keep breathing, friends… take that deep breath and get out into Nature as much as you can.

I love you all and send my blessings,


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