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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Worry is worry, and it serves no purpose but itself. Worry on big or small is still worry, and it does not become My children to worry. It does not matter over what. Worry for the world is not better worry than worry for a little thing. Worry is its own thing and serves itself. It serves not the world, nor you, nor Me.

Love knows not worry. Worry cannot exist amidst the love that We are. Love is strong. Give love instead of worrying. Focus on love. If you cannot focus on love, then focus on Me. If you cannot focus on Me, focus on a point of Me and love it in My Name, as you love all of Me. Focus on a star. Focus on a leaf. Stare at it. Find Me there. Find love there.

Worry is a rumbling noise you hear from you…

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