Gratitude’s Gift

Living Light

Giving gratitude stills emotional whirlwinds. It harnesses our emotional energy and returns it to a state of equilibrium, ultimately leading to Divine Harmony in our outer reality.

Harmony, energetic equilibrium, is Truth’s reflection. It’s the inherent state of the present moment. Conversely, the chaotic energy of disharmony occurs when we accept a lie in place of the Truth. When we perceive disharmony and complain (a form of attack), we’ve accepted the lie as true, and in doing so we create an emotional whirlwind. Because what we give we receive, when we complain we charge our reality with disruptive energy and create more discordant situations in future present moments, giving us more to complain about.

Gratitude breaks the cycle of complaining that fuels disharmony in our reality. In giving gratitude, we focus our attention on reflections of harmony, turning our mind to Truth. Truth is ever-present, therefore regardless of what…

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A healing session

Ah, setting boundaries. And communicating… good ole Mercury.

Spiritual Awakening

The breathing issues in my throat were still bothering me a lot. Often I could not sleep properly at night because I feared that I would suffocate if I relaxed too deeply. And no homeopathic remedy seemed to help.

On July 18, 2013, I met with my homeopath. She agreed that homeopathic remedies did not seem to help here anymore and that she would now recommend that I go to a certain spiritual healer.

Breathing issues and surrender

On July 23, 2013 , I was lying in bed and could not breathe properly. The issues were aggravated after strong bouts of anger again, and now I could not sleep. Breathing out fully was not possible because then the inbreath would become too difficult.

After struggling with the breathing for a while, I gave up and thought, ‘Okay, God, I give up. You have to breathe me.’

To my amazement, the…

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On New Moon in Virgo, details surface: Who funds Antifa, and why do riot arrests get dismissed? Same answer: GEORGE SOROS —

On today’s New Moon, it’s time for massive, month-long analyses of Virgo detail downloads, for example, re: kingpins like George Soros. BTW: this New Moon at 25°01 Virgo, on the Ascendant of the chart set for Washington D.C., and so very prominent there, trines (120°, harmonizes) with the Jupiter/Saturn./Pluto behemoth in Capricorn and inconjuncts (150°,…

On New Moon in Virgo, details surface: Who funds Antifa, and why do riot arrests get dismissed? Same answer: GEORGE SOROS —

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Priceless images!

Musings of a mountain wondering weaver of Magic .

I’m sitting here relaxed watching David Tennant in Des.

Absolutely best thing I’ve watched in ages.

Window is open

We here a loud splash.

Brian the cat has fallen in the canal chasing mice again.

Within a minute he’s out.

He comes bounding over the garden wall like a bloody racehorse.

Through window ginger dripping streak comes flying at me over back of the sofa..

Dripping drops still live mouse on my boobs I’m wearing a sun dress.

Wet mouse crawls in-between my boobs .

I scream

Mavis the dog runs away.

I jump up mouse drops onto sofa. Lies there stunned.

I’m swearing at knob head wet ginger cat.

Scoops mouse up.

With old towel.

He’s stopped moving.

Everywhere is soaking .

Brians so pleased with himself!

I’m reiking the mouse who it’s soon apparent is dead.

My hubby is laughing so much he’s crying..

Surreal moment of.


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Deer Moon Astrology 9/17/2020


By taking a steady and methodical approach, we can begin to make great progress today. Today’s Virgo New Moon (4:00 AM PDT 25° Virgo) trines Saturn and encourages us to make a plan and stick with it. Nonetheless, Mercury’s square to Jupiter and forming square to Pluto could easily keep us distracted — worried about what others are doing rather than staying in our own lane. However, by around noon today, the Moon’s arrival in Libra serves to begin opening doors to extremely productive cooperation and collaboration, especially as we begin to look ahead and initiate a new round of planning. As we make our plans, though, we may have to hold the reigns tightly in order to keep from setting expectations too high.

Today brings sudden and unexpected surprises along with a day that could require a lot of patience in general. As the influence continues today of Venus in…

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Worry Not | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Worry is worry, and it serves no purpose but itself. Worry on big or small is still worry, and it does not become My children to worry. It does not matter over what. Worry for the world is not better worry than worry for a little thing. Worry is its own thing and serves itself. It serves not the world, nor you, nor Me.

Love knows not worry. Worry cannot exist amidst the love that We are. Love is strong. Give love instead of worrying. Focus on love. If you cannot focus on love, then focus on Me. If you cannot focus on Me, focus on a point of Me and love it in My Name, as you love all of Me. Focus on a star. Focus on a leaf. Stare at it. Find Me there. Find love there.

Worry is a rumbling noise you hear from you…

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The Universe is Pressing In: A Poem from the Mother

Koyopa Rising

This is when we see the pain
The Universe pressing in,
Unveiling the Feminine,
The Truth laid bare –
Not in the world
But in you.
Don’t you see?
What lies in the deep
And what was missing is key?
It makes things whole,
Not just another story,
But actual.

You are the artists
Who slept for eons,
Forgetting the fall,
Your innocence,
Your power
To weave it all
Back together again.

I speak to those who came to rise.

Take your eyes off the canvas
They claim is yours
And return to your core.
There are paintings here
With colors you’ll say
You’ve never seen,
Tho’ you will weep
When you meet
This resonant hue –
For the Divine
Will come alive in you.
Every ONE is made of this gold,
That weaves us
Back into the earth and stars.
I am your Mother
And even I wonder,

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