Eliza: Growing Clarity

Photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza:  Growing Clarity

There was no walk today.  Yesterday, the clouds had vanished, remnants of the outer bands of Sally that covered the entirety of southern Florida over the weekend.  The weather had reverted to the more typical 80 degrees F and high humidity of a late summer day.  Of course, it is an entirely different story at present as Hurricane Sally thundered ashore today at Gulf Shores, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.  The elementals of air and water are quite intent in cleansing the area of all remaining darkness existing there.  From the looks of things, it will take quite a lot of work to repair the damage from the storm… storms, as this has been a busy hurricane season in the subtropical and southern regions of the United States.  The weather is also a reflection of the emotional confusion being experienced by humanity.  Have you ever witnessed so many high-powered storms just wandering around aimlessly in the middle of the North Atlantic in one season?

This morning I slept in a bit and woke up still feeling fatigued.  Right now, for me at least the energies are quite fatiguing.  I know other people might be feeling totally energized, but not me.  All I wanted to do is nap some more, even though I probably lay there rather than managed any sleep.

One thing I was thankful for, was experiencing a sensation of greater balance, clarity and calm returning.  The anger and anxiety I had been feeling before has thankfully dissipated.  Now, I can begin to look upon recent experiences with a greater sense of detachment.  It was quite a relief I can tell you.

I will continue to post some disclosure related videos as most of these particular ones are interwoven into the tapestry of the ongoing and ever-expanding great awakening that is covering the planet.  Just this afternoon, I watched (and posted) a video from the messenger Magenta Pixie.  Her communications from the White-Winged Collective of Nine (Pleiadian 9D) indicate there is a high probability of ascension timeline going to manifest, which will bring a new Golden Age. 

The news from Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak also carries a note of optimism.  Each of these two extraordinary men obtains their intel from different sources, but it proving highly accurate and is now be quoted by others in the know. 

Despite the body issues, I am in full alignment with supporting the ascension timeline for this planet.  It is time the people, all of the people of Earth are able to enjoy a sense of peace, to share abundance, to be sure that each child is cared for and loved, that all have proper health care and access to advanced healthcare.  There are long-suppressed technologies that are to be revealed, certainly within the next five years.  It will take time for people to adjust to all the wonders and joy that lie before them as potential, even as they learn their own true value and worth.

I am honored to be here in this tremendously important time, doing my small bit by writing and posting in this blog… and I suppose, by just being present. 

Now, it is important to allow Hope to blossom within your mind as you connect to your Sacred Heart Center.  Remember love binds us together in ways we cannot yet comprehend, no longer the feelings and emotions that get in the way… as we are all in the process of clearing ancient traumas, myself included.

The stories I have written of a long-ago war in the Pleiadian Star Federation holds striking parallels to what is currently occurring here on Earth.  Someday when and if I am able to publish my tome, I hope my readers will appreciate what an echo of the past can inform them of what they are going through here today.  Still, since this planet has descended in frequency to a far lower level than most of the Pleiadian isles (planets) the duality experienced here was even more intensely felt.  Everyone who has incarnated here is carrying, many unconsciously, some kind of post traumatic stress.  Despite that, do your very best to focus on the positive timeline and still be in the Now moment of wherever you find yourself in the world.

I am striving to come back into alignment and to listen to the inner conversations I have with my guides and mentors.  I am thankful I can still hear and respond to them.

I must rest some more, but just wanted to write a few words of encouragement.  I am endeavoring to weave a tapestry of Hope throughout my blog posts for those who still linger in fear.  You can let go it, my dears.  Know you are loved more than you know.  Great Light Beings are here guiding our world towards the Golden Dawn of a New Earth.

Much love and blessings to all,


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