CIRF REPORT, 16 Sept – 23 Sept 20

Mega T-Sq, New Moon, Grand Fire Trine! WOW! How to CIRF 9/17 – 9/23

National Dream Center


  • Astrology – everything you want or don’t want, sun Trines, mega T-square (Mars)
  • Dream Bot – Violence in the material world
  • I Ching – careful affection, conflict and mistrust, suspecting affection
  • Schumann Resonance (website is down)

What is the main collective influence in the coming days and what is the solution?

CIRF report with Chris McCleary. CIRF=Collective Influence Report and Forecast. Advanced Next Generation Astrology report and horoscope using modern and ancient technologies. We investigate the latest memes from the latest collective dreams and thus realize what our civilization is creating or heading towards through an analysis of the Collective Unconscious. We compare that to Tropical Astrology and I-Ching hexagram readings to determine which influences are the most dominant in the coming days. We then “get in alignment with the stars” by looking at Sidereal Astrology, which helps us know how to think and behave through these transits. Learn the main collective influences and how to CIRF them like a pro!

How do you know the Truth these days?