The US Election Ascension Connection – Magenta Pixie

The US Election Ascension Connection

Magenta Pixie

Magenta asked the Nine to clarify further, regarding a recent social media post she put out. This resulted in several downloads and further questions from Magenta, with responses from the Nine.

In this fourth video in the New Earth Teachings series, Magenta continues the analysis regarding the diamond core convergence of timelines and the importance for remaining in zero point for New Earth manifestation. Magenta also discusses why the Nine use metaphor and how that assists the starseeds and seekers of the way. At the 23:57 mark, Magenta begins to discuss the US election as event as timeline changer and reflection or manifestation of the diamond core, and the multiple possibilities and potentials within the convergence that could manifest as election outcomes. Presenting the Nine’s response as channelled transmission, ‘Event Match to Convergence Pulse’.

These Wisdom Codes and New Earth Teachings are delivered for awakened starseeds and truthseekers on the path of discovery and self-realisation. The third dimensional play out is discussed and Magenta presents her readings on the probability fields that are Earth’s potential future manifestations, whilst delivering enlightenment keys for all on an awakening and an ascension path.

Editor’s Notes: What surprised me most was the description of geology as a 4D manifestation… we can mold the land as we imagine it… Crystal river (Schumann Resonance) runs through the energy body of the human body… and so on. Awesome. A mention of the Genesis program, which sounds to me like humans being able to terraform the Earth into the future (over thousands of “years”). There is a lot of content to study.