On the Banks of a New Reality

Koyopa Rising

It requires presence and a force-of-will here on the banks of this new reality. More than you might imagine. And definitely, more than you wouldthink. Because unlike the old world, thinking doesn’t help much here. There was a very deliberate reason why your intuitive-feeling gifts were demeaned in that old world. Because these are the very skills that sing you into the memory of who you truly are.

On the banks of this new reality, there are no more consensus populations to blend into and squawk with. When every version of what you were told to believe has evaporated, where does this leave you? This is one of the hardest things to face on this threshold. When you realize that it is only you – all one – alone. You stand on your own integrity here because there is no one in 3D to reward you for pretending…

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