Lady Hope – I AM Here

Archeia Hope, 4th Ray of Purity, Ascension, and Resurrection

Lady Hope – I AM Here

I AM Hope.

I come to you upon the lightest of winds, a zephyr built of faith in the continuity of life whatever direction it may take.

I AM there when you heard the song of the mockingbird piercing the grayness of early dawn.

I AM there in the majestic flight of the heron in the sweep of its vast wings as it takes to the sky and drops to earth with equal grace.

I AM there within your heart of hearts, ready to grace any moment with peace and calm, to still the anxious heart and bring surcease from fear.

I AM there carried by the wings of the tender dove, with a maternal loving touch to bring relief to one who has been wounded.

I AM there in the fiery dawn and likewise in the quiet of the night when you lie there unable to sleep.

I AM there to stir the breast with the fires of courage, to assist the fearful to step beyond the boundaries of the known and into the new that beckons you onward.

I AM there always no matter where you find yourself throughout the day, perhaps confronted by an experience unwanted.  Breathe, my daughter; my son, breathe, for I am there.

Fortified by the strength of will of the Divine, I AM there, shining white and pure, in the darkest dungeon, standing beside you ready to lend a hand to draw you upward.

I AM there to guide the little child who has known only darkness, the innocents who deserve so much better from the hands of man.

I AM there to give hope to the ones looking upon the ruin of their life, as fire, flood, wind, and shaking come upon the land. 

Together, let us walk forward and through the land of shadow and into the Light that penetrates and dissolves the dark into the nothingness it truly is.

Reach out to me and I will be there to lend my strength to your trembling heart, to steady your hand, and guide your step.

I AM Hope and I am here for you, all of you, everywhere.

I AM Hope.

Transcribed by Eliza Ayres, September 2020

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, / No videos or recordings of this material is allowed.

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