Eliza: On Being a Pioneer

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Eliza: On Being a Pioneer

During the past couple of days and sleepless nights, a few phrases have been echoing within my awareness: “pioneer”, “cycles”, “The Hermit” (Tarot) and “The Fool” (Major Arcana, Tarot).

It is not easy being a pioneer, stepping out away from everything that was known before, leaving friends and family behind and for what?  An unseen but felt horizon filled with the promise of a new dawn? 

This is not the first time I have left and given it appears to be a rhythm in my life, it probably won’t not be the last time.  It is the way of being a pioneer. 

The followers of the so-called New Age religion or philosophy describe a pioneer as a “Wayshower”.  Am I one of those?  Perhaps, but I would rather not be labeled as such.

I am responding to an inner compulsion or feeling, which has been nagging me for months, “Move on!”

Does such an (apparently) abrupt decision, emerging from within a person and not communicated in toto to others make “sense” to those who are left behind?  Probably not.  Will people be hurt in the process of leaving?  Depends on the nature of the individual or persons being left.  Will they notice the departure?  Depends on the level of the relationship and sense of dependency.  Will the pioneer be judged harshly?  Perhaps; again, this depends on the nature of those who are left behind.  Should the pioneer remain just because people are going to get hurt, insulted, challenged or whatever?  Given the nature of a pioneer or Wayshower is to show the way forward, it is unlikely they will remain in one place as expected by those who have come to depend on their presence.  Thus, in both cases, the pioneer detaches and expands as they move forward, while the one(s) staying behind, resist, refuse to release and, perhaps, act out emotions that emerge as a result. Eventually, they, too will adjust, and move on with their lives as change is the only constant in life.

There is another meaning to the word “pioneer”, namely the military usage.  In an army, a pioneer or to pioneer is to act as an engineer, constructing and in some phases of battle, deconstructing physical structures. 

“A pioneer is a soldier employed to perform engineering and construction tasks. The term is in … It was used in a military sense as early as 1626–1627. A pioneer (/ˌpaɪ.əˈnɪər/) is a soldier employed to perform engineering and construction tasks. The term is in principle similar to sapper. (Wikipedia)

Traditionally, sappers or pioneers were used by armies to build tunnels under walls, to breakdown the defenses of the enemy.  Eventually, the sappers’ efforts led to walls collapsing or being blown up, the obstacles removed from the path of the following warrior units. 

All of this war-talk is bound to disturb some folks, but it is a reality, a reflection of what is going on in our present-day world.  Whether the pioneer works in what appears a destructive mode or a constructive mode, depends on the perspective of those watching or participating in the outplaying of events. 

Our world, our 12D Matrix is ruled or guided by Cosmic Laws.  These laws apply to everyone who enters or has entered the 12D Matrix, without exception.  One law, which many persons resistant to change, oft forgotten is the Law of Rhythm, “To everything there is a season.” (Ecclesiastes 3.8, Bible).  Change is a constant in our world, despite the fact change is often resisted desperately by human beings.  The teacher and author Raymond Monk delineates the Law of Rhythm in this manner:

“Our world moves in cycles – everything is constantly changing. For example, we have seasons and we have the cycles of the moon.

As individuals, we have cycles as well. Whatever we are going through will not last, it is temporary. Ocean tides ebb and flow. The economy has ups and downs.

This Law is sometimes referred to as the Law of Perpetual Motion.”

Mr. Monk goes on to describe practical applications to work with the Law of Rhythm, to align oneself with the Law so as to draw unto one’s self a positive outcome, to polarize your focus on a positive outcome.  If you focus on the negative, you will draw that energy to yourself as the Universe is very generous.  Whatever you focus upon, it gives you more of the same.

So, where am I going with this?  Merely to explain the basis of my desire to change.  It is not based in a desire to hurt anyone, although it may, but to follow an inner guidance that is not based on sentimentality or clinging to the known. 

Our entire planet is currently in the midst of experiencing the breakdown of old systems and the construction of new systems.  The latter is for me the core of what I would rather focus on, what is about to appear in our world, rather than to focus on what is leaving it.  In working with the Law of Rhythms, I would like to focus on what is about to replace the old systems and ways of being, with systems that support each individual’s freedom to choice, to grow and expand their understanding of each person’s inner potential. In holding a powerful vision of what is possible, systems will be designed to bring forth abundance and nurturance to all. 

In working to bring positive change, it is not always possible or desirable to remain locked into old ways of being.  Entropy eventually overtakes systems built within the old, even as creativity fires the imagination of those who are willing to let go and see what is possible, what can manifest when you open your eyes, heart and mind to new possibilities.

The content of this blog, during the past three years, has focused a great deal on disclosure.  I hope during the course of this time period, people have become aware at least to some degree that all is not well with the old systems; they are breaking down.  The darkness, defined by some as “evil”, is being exposed by the Light (intelligence), revealed.  It is the end of the world as described in the Book of Revelations, only… it is the end of a cycle, of the “old” world, a cycle that was artificially lengthened by a small group of people who knew how to manipulate the Law of Rhythm to their own advantage.  These people, controlled by beings from other dimensions, were tools to control humanity.  The systems set up under this regime were largely destructive, using war and warfare against the people, destroying civilizations and cultures, creating chaos, raping the land and its inhabitants of all wealth, including life and property.  Despite their efforts, the cycles are moving on, the darkness and its low-frequency systems are being dissolved and the Light is returning.  In truth, it never left, for light does not emerge from the darkness; darkness is a state of denial, an attempt to remove oneself from the Light.  However, the Light is the underpinning of Creation and exists in all places, even where it appears to be dark.  The Light is consuming the darkness and everything it supports.

As I have stated in another article, the Earth has ascended to the fifth dimension.  If you are able to immerse yourself in Nature, you will feel a state of inner peace descend upon your consciousness.  It is palpable… this sense of peace can be felt by those who are willing to still their mental processes and just be in the moment, in the Now.

How do each of us reach that dimension? Well, truth is, you are already there. You, as a Light Being, already hold a higher dimensional frequency. It is your physical body that presently anchors you in the third dimension, perhaps even the fourth dimension.

I, for one, know a very different world is here already; it has just not fully manifested or precipitated into the physical realm of 3D, the dimension in which most of our physical bodies are still anchored.  To raise the body in frequency, we must strive to direct the focus of our consciousness, to flood the body with Light, allowing us to first see and feel the emotions that emerge, then to accept and embrace those emotions and allow them to be transmuted and cleared.  This is not an easy process to endure.  The body will hurt, ache, react… suffer what has been described as ascension symptoms, something that has been well-covered by other authors.

By going within, following our inner guidance, having faith in our creative power that we have the ability to bring forth a better world, one aligned with Divine Purpose, a new world will manifest, first in our own experience and then, as the 100th Monkey phenomenon takes effect, it will reflect in everyone’s personal experience.  In the process, some of us are required to act as pioneers, going beyond what is known, stepping out of the crowd and away from the expectations of others. 

Many have been the ways recommended on how to raise the frequency of the physical body – which is capable of potentially ascending to the 7th Dimension, well beyond the current goal line of 5D.  Yet, ultimately, every person who is focused on ascension needs to realize that before unity consciousness can be realized, the individual consciousness requires guidance and a level of awareness of the inner flow of energy through your mind.  Hypervigilance of the direction of your own thoughts is required. Are you clinging to a particular thought pattern? Do you replay old events where you appeared to have been a victim? Do you constantly tell everyone who will listen, what was done to you and why the perpetrator should be punished or ostracized? Do you realize that in repeatedly talking about these instances, you are most likely re-creating them? Can you step aside, recognize what has been experienced is simply a bump in the road, an opportunity to learn?

Depending on your reaction to any experience where you appear to have been ‘a victim’, you have the opportunity to learn and expand your awareness, to take back your power, and take responsibility for your own healing. In short, let it go, release the trauma. It does no good to replay, blame, and to attempt to shame others for what you have created on your own by allowing someone to hurt you. Are you capable of stepping beyond 3D judgment of a particular situation or circumstance? Are you to step out of the mind-set or frequency that gives permission for others to hurt you? What can you do? Raise your frequency.

Self-mastery is more than just holding an awareness, rather than attempting to tame, control, judge or label your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Thoughts are a form of consciousness.  As consciousness is energy, and energy is consciousness, our thoughts and those emanating from the collective subconscious of human, that penetrate our field (auric field) are forms of energy.  Energy is neutral.  It is our emotions that can color, qualify, and label the thoughts as being bad or good, a judgment which derives from programs running inside our minds.  Our determination to linger and dwell upon any particular thought about an experience can lead to obsession which leads, in turn, to that which is focused upon being brought forth into our experience even more.  Instead of resisting the thought, feeling, or emotion, allow them to stream through your awareness, assigning no value or judgment upon them, observing them, and then choose to let them go. 

As you wake up and become self-aware and less reactive, you will notice a sense of peace descend upon your person.  You will begin to realize that you are the creator of your world.  What happens to you is a result of how you feel about yourself and about those who act as mirrors for you.  If you feel you have been victimized, the Universe will do its utmost to provide you with proof.  If you are no longer willing to allow others to harm you, by refusing to react negatively to their actions and apparent thoughtlessness, creating strong boundaries, and simply saying “no!”, you will begin to free yourself of attachment to outcome.  You are, in a sense, being empowered, powered from within, aware that whatever comes your way through the natural movement of cycles can be endured, as there are always more opportunities to change ahead. 

Life is like the flow of a river, which can in turn be bumpy, narrow and confined, racing down a steep canyon, and then, can just as suddenly slow and widen out and proceed in a stately manner.  Allow yourself to go with the flow, which will be bumpy sometimes, peaceful and calm other times.  Plan if you must, but be willing to adapt according to what circumstances decree and know that change is always on the horizon.

Some people follow a different drummer, a persistent inner “voice” or rhythm that may not be apparent to others.  I am one of those.  I choose to change, to go forth into the unknown, like the Fool of the Tarot, appearing unwise and thoughtless to others, but focused within on my own internal journey in response to the flow and rhythms of the Universe.

I hope these words inspire others to question everything about their current lives.  Certainly, outer events and pressures are currently inciting change, whether resisted or embraced, into each of our lives.  Seek your inner guidance and see where it takes you.  Life is an adventure.  Change is constant.  Flow.

My love to all,


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

4 thoughts on “Eliza: On Being a Pioneer

  1. Dear Eliza, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It is such a pleasure to read again about your journey which is always so resonating within me or wonderful to take note of and It is filling me with joy because of that. Your journaling and certainly this one in this moment describes what I feel within or understand so very well but am not able to reveal to myself. Without people who are able to write with such inner knowlegde in such precise wording I could not be where I am now.
    I am so grateful, with love

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