Eliza: Changes

Eliza: Changes coming to Blue Dragon Journal

Some of you, dear readers, have been with me for a long time, while others have recently arrived on the scene. Long-term readers (the journal has been in existence for over eight years) have witnessed the flailing about that has occurred during the period of time since “I” received a walk-in consciousness (Sundeelia) in 2017. The focus and content of the blog switched abruptly from being a description and sharing of an inner journey to being a conglomeration of an ecletic assortment of spiritual and disclosure articles and videos.

Earlier this year, I mentioned the focus of the blog may change or it would even be closed down. Now, I find I would rather return to the more personal sharing of an inner journey of one person, Eliza, even as our world is currently deeply within a tumultuous transition and transformation. Although posting the works and thoughts of others is useful, and I may occasionally post certain videos I find useful, I do not wish to continue on the same path as before.

Although the primary consciousness that currently resides within the physical vehicle known and labeled by the world as Eliza Ayres is from somewhere else, she is, I AM here and now, a higher dimensional being who agreed to come here and assist with some mission. Do I fully remember that mission? I will humbly reply, “no.” Do many of us remember our mission that we promised to fulfill before signing that contract that allowed us to enter into a third-dimensional physical form? Probably not… although many are now beginning to receive glimmers of what lies beyond 3D, and beautiful glimpses of 5D consciousness.

Despite being from a higher dimensional existence, a portion of “me” is residing here, among the people of Earth. It has taken me a while to establish what I want to see and do while present in the time granted me, any of us who enter into this fascinating playground of intense, pressurized duality. It is the same for anyone who has entered this field or plane of existence as a starseed, a wayshower, a guide or teacher. Yet, all I can offer to my readers is my perspective. I do not ask or request you follow me, believe, or put me on a pedestal. I am a Light Being experiencing a physical 3D existence while the physical body is ascending in frequency from 3D to 5D… and in some cases, beyond. I have willingly placed myself on the playing board of the Earth Game. ALL of us have done the same, whether as starseeds or as indigenous human beings whose physical vehicles were designed originally to exist specifically on this planet. ALL of us exist elsewhere on many planes of existence both within this 12D Matrix and outside of it.

So, sometimes I may make comments that could be interpreted as being political (what isn’t today!) although I will endeavor to approach subjects in as neutral a position as I can manage. Sometimes information will come through as a download, in which case I will identify the source as much as I understand. I will emphasize, however, do not look for facts, figures, and references if you are seeking out information pertaining to the history of what has happened to Earth over the course of several million years. All I can say is that I work from a deeply intuitive level from within my Akash (Book of Records). You may have access to other pieces of the puzzle. I encourage all who have the curiosity, determination, courage, and will to learn to discover those sources that will inform you of what is going on, do your own digging. The information is “out there”, but also it is within, stored within your own Heart and Soul, etheric Heart Center and the Crown Chakra/Third Eye (pineal gland).

That said, it is through the internal connection that each of us is capable to finding within that we can discover what lies written in Light Language upon those sacred pages of the ever present Now. The Akash is the record of all that has been, is, and will be, all possible timelines within all the 12 dimensions of this particular 12D Matrix as set up millions of years ago by the Galactic Federation of Light.

You can find out about the history of Earth by walking the Akash through deep meditation. I happen to be able to access the Akash (at least my portion of it) while more or less “awake” through the avenue of writing and journaling.

During the last two years, I have been writing a chronicle of what could be expressed as a story of past lives, lived out by a portion of my Being that exists elsewhere, namely Sirius and the Pleiadian Federation. Whether or not the material is historical or can be proven is moot; it is a journey towards self-discovery designed to empower me to reveal and release ancient traumatic memories. As of today, I have only publicly published a portion of these “Remembrances”, the Sirian portion and it is very short as were my lives. For it is a record of what was lived through, from one person’s perspective, of the Orion Wars, the final chapters of which are now being played out here on Earth in 3D. It is a spiritual war, but beyond that, it is a play being enacted by various players who have taken on different roles in order to allow Creator an opportunity to get to know itself to the very boundaries of what is possible to experience within physical existence. The journey continues for all of us who are immersed within this Game. The time has arrived for us to become aware of our part, of the existence of the Game, and our innate ability to shift out of duality and divisiveness and into unity consciousness. The human body was designed specifically to allow Light Beings (without physical form) to play within denser frequencies, originally from 5D to 7D while still existing within a physical form. So, you see, the current shift that is occurring here on Earth is just part of the story. When a certain amount of humans can manage to hold 5D consciousness 24/7 in their bodies, we will see and experience 5D around us; our lives will reflect the level of our consciousness. That is not the end of the story… as next, we will shift from 5D to 7D and on and on…

While I have been here, I have not immersed myself in life, being a part of my community, making friends, pursuing interests, traveling and doing other things. Perhaps by some design circumstances were created to keep me largely in a state of statis, even as I was pursuing the clearing of ancient records. Yet, when nearly everyone on the planet was forced, again by circumstances, to be locked down, I began to perceive a Light going on within the collective consciousness of Humanity here and now. I have perceived that I want to be more involved in life as it is lived here, not to continue to be separate and apart. And so, as a reflection of my inner realization, I am hereby announcing a change in the contents of Blue Dragon Journal. It will, as any good journal does, reflect the inner changes, comments, and perspectives of one who is still endeavoring to adapt to a very different place. I will do my best.

Finally… I admit I do tend to ramble… dear readers, I invite you to come along with me as we explore the wonderful changes that are about to break upon the consciousness of humanity. The planet, Earth, Terra, Gaia… is already in 5D and has been for some years. Now, it is our turn to anchor 5D consciousness (energy, frequency) into our physical forms. We all have the potential to be able to accomplish this wondrous feat. Our physical vehicles, bodies, were designed specifically for this purpose. We can do this by serving as Teacher and Student of everyone who appears within our life. Some will walk away. Let them go. Some you may have to push away as they no longer resonate with you. It is okay. All is energy. All here have free will to follow that inner compulsion, what I call my internal compass. Where I go, what I do may not make any sense to anyone else, yet I will follow the intuitive nudges and so, dear readers, I am informing you of my intentions.

If you wish to go and find this content no longer of interest then I wish you well and thank you for being here if only for a short (or long) time.

Meanwhile, I am conveying my thanks to humanity for teaching me, a stranger in a strange land, what is eternal to all Life, Love. And that, my friends, is another story…

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

4 thoughts on “Eliza: Changes

    • Thank you, Senlin. One thing I will say, my writing technique has improved through the years of being immersed in the creative process, allowing the flow, and sitting back, doing the editing, seeking out words that convey what I am attempting to express. I find, now that the dam has been broken on my outer expression, the stream will wash away all that has lain before me as obstacles. They are now opportunities for growth and expansion. I just need to learn to direct the flow in a way that will benefit others by witnessing my (humble) inner process and being empowered to share their own beautiful and sometimes very painful stories. We can all learn from each other. Eliza

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