The Writing is Definitely on the Wall. So which Wall do you Read?

Koyopa Rising

In this past week, we have landed on a new plateau. It has the vibe of being a major marker on our conscious path of transcendence. When we arrive at this particular threshold, there is no one to give us a how-to manual with lots of words. The big difference between this and previous markers is, to move beyond this layer, we must be connected to the manual written deeply within. The one painted on the walls of our innermost being.

I brought through the most recent message this past Sunday, Sept. 6th. I’ve been sitting with it all week and receiving further guidance through resonance and synchronicity. The way that I am being and perceiving now will most definitely change how I translate. Of course, it will. This message suggests that we are no longer attempting to translate to the intellect. This is somewhat like receiving the final notices…

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