The Writing is Definitely on the Wall. So which Wall do you Read?

Koyopa Rising

In this past week, we have landed on a new plateau. It has the vibe of being a major marker on our conscious path of transcendence. When we arrive at this particular threshold, there is no one to give us a how-to manual with lots of words. The big difference between this and previous markers is, to move beyond this layer, we must be connected to the manual written deeply within. The one painted on the walls of our innermost being.

I brought through the most recent message this past Sunday, Sept. 6th. I’ve been sitting with it all week and receiving further guidance through resonance and synchronicity. The way that I am being and perceiving now will most definitely change how I translate. Of course, it will. This message suggests that we are no longer attempting to translate to the intellect. This is somewhat like receiving the final notices…

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Deer Moon Astrology 9/11/2020


The moon moves into Cancer this morning, highlighting your sensitive side and a desire to cozy up at home. You’ll be in the mood to nurture and be nurtured, so be free and open with your love. Just watch out for people who might take advantage of your kindness.

You may notice that your empathic abilities are heightened, too, so carry protective stones and meditate on your psychic defenses to help alleviate emotional overstimulation.

A t-square forms later in the afternoon, making it difficult to have important conversations. You might need to deal with some emotional baggage, but finding the words or emotional bandwidth to engage in these discussions could be hard to come by. If you’re having issues around communicating, take some time out instead and journal or find ways to nurture yourself and decompress a bit.

It might be difficult to deal with others throughout the evening, and…

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Heartbeats | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you want to show love, you may want to show it one way while the one you want to give love to wants to receive love in another way.

Some people make it easy for you to know what they would most like, and some don’t. Some might like cash for a gift, for instance, and some never. Some might like cut flowers, and others like a potted plant. Some may like gifts more than anything. Some may care about another form of love much more. The combinations are countless.

It is not that you are to reinvent yourself to suit another person. Nevertheless, what means most to another? This is how it is with love and those you love.

And you might as well know yourself when it comes to how you like to receive love. That is probably how you like to give it. You…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – September 11, 2020

Rainbow Wave of Light

As time continues to speed up matters are moving along very quickly, and things that carry the lower vibrations are beginning to find that their very existence is under threat. In not such a direct way a large number of human Beings are feeling that their place in society is under threat and their future is very uncertain. It comes from a feeling of insecurity about their future. The more the vibrations increase the more a distinct difference is being felt by those who have yet to find their true selves. It all leads to the separation of those who are preparing to ascend, and those who have yet to grasp the significance of the period they are in. As time passes the truth will become more apparent, as it is the individual’s choice and decision as to whether they turn to the Light. It will ensure a fair and…

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