Kali Yuga – Into the Photon Belt (Atlantis Diamond Codes)

Kali Yuga – Into the Photon Belt (Atlantis Diamond Codes) – New Earth Teachings

Magenta Pixie

Magenta asked the Nine to clarify further, regarding a recent social media post she put out. This resulted in several downloads and further questions from Magenta, with responses from the Nine.

This first video is a two hour presentation containing two transmissions from the Nine and an analysis from Magenta of those responses. These downloads were referred to, by the Nine, as ‘New Earth Teachings’.

The Nine speak about the end of several cycles and the transition into a New Age. They discuss what this means for humanity, most especially in terms of the manifestation wars and psychic battle that is occurring on planet Earth right now.

These Wisdom Codes and New Earth Teachings are delivered for awakened starseeds and truthseekers on the path of discovery and self-realisation. The third dimensional play out is discussed and Magenta presents her readings on the probability fields that are Earth’s potential future manifestations, whilst delivering enlightenment keys for all on an awakening and an ascension path.

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Deer Moon Astrology 9/10/2020


The Gemini moon forms aspects with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn that could make finding your balance a bit difficult today. Thoughts and emotions that you’ve pushed to the back of your mind are likely to creep up on you, but responsibilities could get in the way of processing emotions right away. It could be difficult to focus on tasks that need to be completed, so remember to pace yourself and focus on your breathing if you begin to feel scattered or overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, a square between the moon and Neptune could make reality seem a bit harsh, and the desire to disconnect could be tangible. Avoid engaging with thoughts of fear or unworthiness by being gentle with yourself. Ground yourself often to reconnect with your grace and softness. Luckily, this energy won’t last into the evening.

The moon connects with the north node in Gemini, giving your mind a chance…

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Is it time to watch “V for Vendetta” again? —

Watch. And learn. Future proves past. Predictive programming works! — on those who are still asleep. It stuns me that most people are still so mind-controlled by the fearporn virus. That the global Neptunian atmosphere is still totally infected with this sticky, gunky miasm. When will the air begin to clear? The Sun itself opposes…

Is it time to watch “V for Vendetta” again? —

Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Peter Greco

Humoring the Goddess

Peter Greco is one of America’s most experienced practitioners in the art of traditionally inspired, hand crafted lettering and typography.His continuous exploration and passion has enabled him to reach beyond design into the realm of fine art.While residing in the LA arts district, he was a founding member of the Downtown Artists Development Association and the Concerned Artists Action Group.Greco continues to design logos and lettering art by hand as well as to produce “calligraffitti” street art, hand painted signs, and interior and exterior typographic murals.

His work has been exhibited in various art galleries in both the Los Angeles area and throughout the United States.In addition, he has created an authentic body of Renaissance manuscript art as a library exhibit and as a graphic novel.Exquisite color palettes, deliberate paint strokes, meticulously chosen words and phrases concealed within metaphysical symbols all encourage the viewer to…

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Being Who You Are | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

From the vector of My heart comes My love. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whoever you think you are or the world thinks you are, you are the direction of My love. Furthermore, you are the receiver of My love and the disseminator of it. You are everything to Me. I more than embrace you. I am within you. You you are My beloved Self. I know no strangers. I know only My Own, and all are My Own. We are One bound in love which is the same as to say that We are One freed in love. Love can go anywhere. It does go everywhere.

You are the love of My heart. I cannot say this strongly enough. I love you in Me, and I love Me in you. I love, and you are My love resting on Earth. You are the light of the…

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Further instructions and the check mark sign

Spiritual Awakening

After the stern warning with the feather in the throat had become manifest as breathing issues, I was given further instructions.

Dream: contact guides

On June 7, 2013, I had the following dream. I was sitting in amphitheater and behind me on the left side, there was my former chemistry teacher Mrs. Steinke who had already passed a couple of years ago. I liked her a lot when I was at school. Sometimes she visits me  when I need encouragement, and I am always so happy to meet her in my dreams.

All the people in the amphitheater were given instructions that we should contact our guides and then we should begin to sing a tone in the same pitch. It was clear to me that my former chemistry teacher was the guide I should contact.

But even though I felt so happy to meet Mrs. Steinke again, I did…

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Good Day To . . . 11 September 2020 Negotiating for Power — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 11th Is A Good Day To . . . use relationships with those in power to reach your own power ends. Sounds ruthless, doesn’t it? What we’re really talking about is strategically leveraging relationships in a way (and this is really important) that is respectful of both positions and also doesn’t begrudge the other […]

Good Day To . . . 11 September 2020 Negotiating for Power — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY