Mars Retrograde 2020 Tarot Reading

Mars Retrograde in Aries September 9 – November 13
Reading for the World 🌎

Using the Herbal Tarot deck by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin I picked 3 cards for this transit of Mars Retrograde in its home sign, Aries. Raw malachite, a stone of transformation and psychic protection is pictured above.

What surrounds us: 8 of Swords

This currently speaks of the continued sense of being hemmed in and locked down. It is important to ground, pause and focus because there are so many ideas, so many options that make it difficult to know the truth or choose correct decisions. Many s-words can mean the mix-up of words, and resulting anxiety. This card indicates a collective movement through a “dark night of the soul”, where we have the opportunity to face many fears, conquer many obstacles. Black Cohosh is an herb long sacred to Native Americans and used for…

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CIRF Report – Energetic Influences 9Sept – 16Sept 2020

Heading to another New Moon! How to CIRF the energies of 9/10/20 – 9/16/20

National Dream Center

What is the main collective influence in the coming days and what is the solution?

  • Dream Bot – collective unconscious
  • I Ching
  • Astrological energetics
  • Schumann Resonance (steady)
  • Consciousness Project (randomness and variance)

CIRF report with Chris McCleary. CIRF=Collective Influence Report and Forecast. Advanced Next Generation Astrology report and horoscope using modern and ancient technologies. We investigate the latest memes from the latest collective dreams and thus realize what our civilization is creating or heading towards through an analysis of the Collective Unconscious. We compare that to Tropical Astrology and I-Ching hexagram readings to determine which influences are the most dominant in the coming days. We then “get in alignment with the stars” by looking at Sidereal Astrology, which helps us know how to think and behave through these transits. Learn the main collective influences and how to CIRF them like a pro!

Unhealed People

Sacred Journey

I spent a large part of my life hiding. Recently, after a healing session with an incredible soul, I recognized the patterns and programming. I shared with an old friend who immediately said, “Oh honey, you’ve been hiding all your life. I’m so sorry!”

Her sorry was genuine and my tears flowed out again. She saw me. Really saw the trail of bullshit left behind by a Narcissistic mother. And I’ve been working on cutting cords for so long. I tend to listen to the voices of the past when I try to lead my children in the now. I don’t want to be like my mother. I second guess every single major decision in spite of what my heart and intuition show me.

In spite of all my deep awareness and knowing I am not exempt from all my human lessons and challenges. I am always on the trail…

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Homage to the Planets

Becca Tarnas

Composed by Becca Tarnas

The Sun, radiant presence, gold, singularity of vision, shone through me, through everything; nothing else existed in that light.

The Moon, cradling and being cradled, softness, a silver sheen of lavender comfort, holding in warmth, fullness, and settled contentment.

Mercury, a quickening pace as my thoughts raced to catch up, a rapid quill spelling, articulating, word, glance, taste, touch, sound, senses singing.

Venus, a verdant green of flowering beauty, vines growing in curls that turn into exquisite art, the silver sparkling of dew under leaves, mirroring a reciprocity of love and heart-warming presence, the shiver of pleasure and desire.

Mars, a flaming red heat burning through me with energy, action, anger, force, violence, blood, rushing in a hiss of fiery passion.

Jupiter, uplifting to a panoramic sweep of glory and triumph, images of great civilizations flourishing in their crowning moments, a spiraling climb to the grand…

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Lucy Davis Talks with Charlie Ward About Spirituality and Freedom for the Children

Lucy Davis Talks with Charlie Ward About Spirituality and Freedom for the Children

Charlie Ward

The actual interview/chat starts after 14:30 minutes into the video…

Lucy mentions the two timelines that are running simultaneously… one dark, one light, which was mentioned in Lorie Ladd’s recent video (posted here on Blue Dragon…)

The Energy System of the (New) Brain

The Shift of Time and Energy!


And it just keeps getting better and better and better. Makes me want to jump ahead a few generations and incarnate there.

Imagine a biological body that no longer needs to breathe air to sustain itself like it does now. Instead, energy is its life sustaining fuel. This is one major reason we are seeing a huge spike in what we would usually consider lung dysfunctions. Be it COPD, asthma and even cancer!

I think about my mom, who had a very rare type of cancer (already long forgot the name type) that is actually a hormone cancer that set up home in her lungs, then eventually throughout most of her organs by the time I got to her.

So the new hormones being released thru (at least her) body embedded in the lungs for change, which of course mutates the cells. It then went to other major organs to…

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Good Day To . . . 10 September 2020 A Better Tomorrow — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 10th Is A Good Day To . . . let go of two things: illusions you carry about Love or Money, and thinking that arises from a wounded perspective. Both need to be done in service to a better tomorrow–the implication being that not doing one or both may result in a true relationship or […]

Good Day To . . . 10 September 2020 A Better Tomorrow — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY