X22 Report, 7 Sept 2020

Middle East Countries Prepare To Decouple From The Petrodollar – Episode 2270a

The BREXIT talks are back on, Boris sets the dates. The economy is recovering, more jobs are coming back online and the unemployment is dropping. The Middle East (states) are now realizing that the days of becoming very wealthy via the petro dollar is coming to an end.

Military Was The Key, [DS] Events Failed, Public Awakening – Episode 2270b

The riots and the virus event has now failed. the people are no longer believing and it has backfired on the [DS]. The coverup on the Russian collusion hoax is falling apart. The military was the key, it was the only way. Trump traps the corrupt politicians and the MSM to become anti-vaxxers. Why is this (step) necessary, to push therapeutics.  The [DS] moves forward with their agenda, power plants explode, CA power problems and other states experience the same thing.