How Can Oneness and Patriotism Work Together for the Good of All? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, patriotic in the world doesn’t seem to mean Oneness. Patriotic contains a certain amount of camaraderie, yet not seemingly Oneness. A limited Oneness isn’t the Oneness We speak of. A separated Oneness isn’t the Oneness of love. It is a limited Oneness. It is a Oneness that goes only so far. True Oneness includes total Oneness: Every family, every country, every planet, every gathering, every soul. I am thinking that every trouble in the world comes from lack of Oneness and the profusion of being under the power of differences.

However, it’s clear that differences are also to be loved. There are many varieties and personalities, and they, too, merit their preciousness. Ten children in a whole family are not alike, yet may each be held preciously, although there may be those who are more or less favored than others.

Nevertheless, love cannot be ordained. Love isn’t…

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