X22 Report, 6 Sept 2020

Get Ready The Economy Is About To Change So It Benefits The People – Episode 2269a

The economy is about to go through a major transition. The precious metals market is now in an upward trajectory and fiat currency is headed into the ground. The [CB] system is imploding and the patriots are now moving quickly to create an economy that will benefit the people.

People Are Uniting Behind-The-Scenes, [They] Never Thought This Would Happen – Episode 2269b

The [CB] system is imploding and the patriots are now moving quickly to create an economy that will benefit the people. The people are uniting behind-the-scenes, the [DS]/MSM has lost control of the narrative. All assets are deployed, but the people are no longer buying it, all the people are see are lies, riots and chaos. This is not an America they want and the entire plan is backfiring on them. They never thought this would happen.

(They) never thought the people would unite behind the scenes, but, we are seeing this! There is panic in D.C. and everywhere. (They) are NOT in control anymore.

Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto in D Major Op.6 Number 4 Complete

Sunday Serenade: Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto in D Major Op. 6 No. 4, complete. Voices of Music; original instruments

While I have been writing my book(s) for the last couple of years, I have traversed the world of music. Using the notes for accompaniment while walking through ancient memories from the Akash, I stumbled upon the beautiful tones of Corelli… truly an archangel of Music.

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Rachael Pease

Wow. Amazing detail and composition.

Humoring the Goddess

Rachael Pease’s lush drawings, crafted in India ink on frosted Mylar, create mystical settings from trees and plant life observed in reality.

Pease grew up in rural Indiana surrounded by vast lands and forests, which influenced her works.Her pieces often start with a trees she’s come across – in the woods, at national parks, and sometime in the city.She takes pictures from different angles, prints them, and stitches them together to make collages, transforming what she’s observed in her daily life into surreal and timeless landscapes that contemplate the impermanence of the natural world.

She also consciously frames the drawings in a circle or oval, which seems to emulate the perspective of binoculars or a telescope.

In some works, the branches of the trees dominate the composition, in others, it is the strong labyrinth of roots.Her work is inspirational and lively, intricate and magical.More of

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I’ve always “known” that the aether is real . . . — Exopermaculture

. . . no matter how thoroughly scientism debunked it. And, given a new (and likely old) acquaintance, who got hold of me about a week ago because he found this exopermaculture site and loved the name; and he had to tell me, and so kept calling me; and I kept ignoring or hanging up…

I’ve always “known” that the aether is real . . . —

Letting Go Of Our Limitations

Reflections of Riverman

Rising above Our earthly limitations to the Light
there is only Air and Water to sustain Our Journey
Mother Earth will keep Us grounded

Through Our respect for Her Sacredness
while the Fire will remind us of Our Fragility
and how swift Our Transmutation can be.

Let Us All stop the disoriented mind chatter
and come home Our Full Presence
of Peace, Light and Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.6.20

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Good Day To . . . 7 September 2020 Mince Your Words — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 7th Is A Good Day To . . . be careful with what you communicate. We will be speaking and just being in a relatively unconscious state (no matter what your usual consciousness experience), speaking with the influence of wounds and those things we’re angry or in denial about, and so perhaps saying things, or […]

Good Day To . . . 7 September 2020 Mince Your Words — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


Soul mates can also be non-intimate partners such as good friends, members of extended family, and even co-workers.




Have you ever been in a romantic relationship where you felt like you’ve known your partner for a lot longer than you have? According to spiritualist philosophy, you may very well have! Souls travel in families. This is to say that souls that are energetically and karmically interconnected with each other will continue to incarnate together life after life. Sometimes the souls incarnate together for emotional, spiritual and mental support. Conversely, sometimes the incarnate together to resolve issues that have been created in lifetimes past.

Many of us have been in relationships where we question the very core of why we are attracted to someone who drives us to our limits. Why do we continue to feed into relationships that create for us such pain and suffering? Why do we attempt to leave our partner…

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Herbal Grief Ritual for Healing of the Soul

The Druid's Garden

2020 has been challenging for nearly everyone in a multitude of ways.  One of the things that we are faced with right now is grief: grief over lost friends and family who have passed, grief over a previous way of life that seems to be gone for good, grief over lost careers and uncertain futures, grief over continued suffering and uncertainty with regards to our climate and life on this planet.  I have certainly been experiencing many of these things.  Perhaps the two most central things that happened to me this summer was the loss of a good friend after a long and difficult battle with cancer and the destruction of a large part of our family’s property to put in a septic line.  The loss of many trees that I had grown up with and a beautiful ecosystem that we had cultivated into a botanical sanctuary.  These losses happened…

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