When the beech loses her throne – about redesigning our cultural landscapes

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

The climate is changing. Faster than we had hoped. In August, many majestic beeches – the queens of the Germanic forests – dropped their leaves because they were under drought stress. The king of the forest also had a hard time and threw his green acorns at hikers and cyclists. Already now we know that beech and other trees will migrate to the north if they want to survive as a collective. Also fruit trees are having a hard time.

This rapid climate change also demands a change from us, because we are so closely connected to the rest of the ecosystems around us. Since late spring I visit an NPO in a forest in the village next door. This NPO has been building an ecological hobbit house for years. Besides the preparation of seven forest baths for this autumn, I am thinking with the inspirer of this NPO how…

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