Neptune’s role in the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto with Mars line-up — Exopermaculture

Thanks, @grid-matrix, for the nudge to overtly include Neptune in the mix whenever mentioning the ongoing “suppurating sore” I call the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto mix in Capricorn that is busy undermining the foundations of and indeed threatening to detonate, all human-made forms and structures, at every level — personal, social, political, economic — and in every area…

Neptune’s role in the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto with Mars line-up —

A Reminder | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

The Universe would like to remind you…

Amidst the chaos, there is beauty.

In the middle of pain, joy can be found.

In the cacophony of unrest, peace present.

Each of you has a choice on where to place your focus. This does not mean ignoring a negative situation or emotion. It does mean that turning your attention toward the positive, sending unconditional love and knowing things can (and often will) change creates a vibrational amplification of what you want to experience, giving yourself and others the opportunity to learn and grow. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Deer Moon Astrology 9/5-9/6/2020


SATURDAY, 9/5/2020: The appeal of conformity — just blending in — softens some of yesterday’s demands, relationship challenges, and impatience, helping us to find a route to compromise that may not have seemed possible yesterday. The value of bending helps us to avoid breaking under the stress. Nonetheless, emotions are running high today. Mercury moves into Libra today, where it will continue to assist us in communicating our desires and negotiating creative solutions. Venus will arrive in Leo tomorrow, which will further encourage creative ways to express our perspective.


Today is the 249th day of 2020
17 days until the autumn equinox
39 days until Mercury retrograde
117 days until 2021

Sun is in Virgo
Moon is in Aries
Mercury is in Virgo
Venus is in Cancer
Mars is in Aries
Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn
Saturn is retrograde Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde Pisces
Pluto is retrograde…

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Dark Forces Infiltrated the US…

Dark Forces Infiltrated The US By Blackmailing Those At The Top,Their Plan Is Pure Evil :Cyrus Parsa

X22 Report Spotlight

Guest: Cyrus Parsa

Today’s show: Cyrus Parsa is has been dealing with China for many years. Their plan was to infiltrate the US from within by blackmailing those at the top. Once these people were controlled they were able to carry out their mission. China’s objective was to destroy the US and take over the world from within. The virus event is being used to create a cure so each and every person would need to take it. This cure would have nano technology and it would have been used to shrink the population and to control those who were left.

“China” is the Chinese Communist Party not the people of China who are suffering at the hands of the CCP.

The Innocent World | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

What beautiful occurrence is going to happen today simply because your heart is with Mine? In which direction will the world turn today because you gave a kindness? What sally will the world bring forth today because you let go of a long-held reproach? What miracles will you set the foundation for today? What event will occur nine years from now because you walk the Earth today?

I would like to ask you, beloveds, what is not possible in this world?

I would like to ask you, if you can influence an event in nine years to come, what event might you choose? I will even ask you, how many? How many choices in the world would you like to spin? What blessings are you eager to bestow upon mankind?

If you can alter something today, if you can alter something in nine years, what could you not…

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Queen Nancy Blowout


Queen Pelosi may be able to control her minions in congress, but, she totally underestimated the power & numbers of hair dressers across America who make up a billion dollar industry!

Someone should have told Nancy the story of the ants and the grasshoppers. At least she should have known on her own to never, not ever, swat a hornet in its’ nest especially when it’s been mandated to shut down & muzzle up.

She obviously views her hair dresser as a service person who must cater to her demanding schedule, instead of one of the small business owners who help make up the back bone of America. These collectively represent a 46 billion dollar industry with over a million salons across the nation and together, they know everyone!

Now…EVERYONE knows what QUEEN NANCY did.

Hair salons, spas, barber shops, nail salons, massage and wellness centers all complied with Dr…

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When the beech loses her throne – about redesigning our cultural landscapes

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

The climate is changing. Faster than we had hoped. In August, many majestic beeches – the queens of the Germanic forests – dropped their leaves because they were under drought stress. The king of the forest also had a hard time and threw his green acorns at hikers and cyclists. Already now we know that beech and other trees will migrate to the north if they want to survive as a collective. Also fruit trees are having a hard time.

This rapid climate change also demands a change from us, because we are so closely connected to the rest of the ecosystems around us. Since late spring I visit an NPO in a forest in the village next door. This NPO has been building an ecological hobbit house for years. Besides the preparation of seven forest baths for this autumn, I am thinking with the inspirer of this NPO how…

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