X22 Report, 4 September 2020

It All Backfired, Economic Panic Everywhere, Trump Loads Up The Fed – Episode 2268a

The entire agenda of destroying the economy is now backfiring on those that have tried (everything). The people are now fighting back for keeping their businesses closed for no reason. The MSM/[DS]/[CB] are now panicking. Trump loads up the Fed, when the time is right, boom.

People are moving out these states. People are protesting. People are filing class-action lawsuits in the states that have been shut-down. People are getting restless, angry, and are waking up!

All Assets Deployed & Failing, What Happens When Bad News Is About To Break – Episode 2268b

The [DS]/MSM are now deploying all assets, but it failing, the stories don’t work anymore, people are awake. Trump makes another peace deal, he is bringing the world together. Big news is about to drop and the [DS]/MSM are trying to get ahead of it with distractions to clog up the MSM news. The push is on by the global elite to start a civil war, but it is failing, stay vigilant.

Biden is a placeholder, not the candidate…