ET’s: Catalysts for Transformation

Koyopa Rising

Today I have a better understanding of my ET experiences, how they folded into the Kundalini events, and eventually produced the ecstatic transmissions. I also see how it has folded into this incredible shared moment – right now – with the Earth, the Heavens, and Humanity. I suppose you could say that I’ve been experiencing a life review of sorts. Perhaps you have too? It is like a death, but not in the ways in which we were taught to view an ending to life-as-we’ve-known-it. In this pivotal moment, if we are attuned to Source, this is not only the death of an old way of being. It becomes a re-birth into our real and natural state again.

Over my lifetime, I learned that what we perceive as ET’s play a greater role in our lives than people might give them credit for. For me, and others I’ve met, they…

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