X22 Report, 3 September 2020

Economic Message Received, The [CB] Battle Has Begun – Episode 2267a

The people are now waking up, they see the true agenda of these mayors and governors. They are not interested with helping businesses or helping the everyday people. They have a different agenda and that’s why people are moving away. The initial claims for unemployment has dropped and the unemployment rare (is) continually drop(ping). Trump sent a message, the [CB] battle is about to begin.

In War, Military Strategy Is Key, Confuse The Enemy, Weaken Them, Then Strike – Episode 2267b

The [DS]/MSM is doing exactly what Trump wants, he is using military strategy to direct these people to where he wants the (enemy) to be when he strikes. The population is waking up, they are now seeing and understanding what is really going on. This about striking at the very heart of the problem and it’s about to happen.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Jon Rappoport: On Covid-19, or, SUCKER’S DISEASE —

I began blogging on this plandemic (that has already lasted way too long) back in March by featuring several posts from Jon Rappoport, because I saw him as as the single best source of how to view the then, we thought, temporary — “two weeks to slow the spread”— maelstrom into which we are still…

Jon Rappoport: On Covid-19, or, SUCKER’S DISEASE —

Throat chakra issues

Spiritual Awakening

Dream: a feather in the throat

After my resistance to share my spiritual journey and some admonishment in dreams,  I was given a warning. In a dream on February 26, 2013, I saw a transparent model of a throat. And in there was a tiny blue feather tickling the throat.

Were my guides going to tickle my throat until I would finally give in and post my text? That prospect should cause me some concern. But I didn’t have any health issues in my throat at that time and dismissed the warning.

But then I got the following dreams that were also warnings.

Dream: the violent dance teacher

On May 10, 2013, I dreamed that I talked to a dance teacher. He told me that he believed in violent teaching and education methods.

I felt deterred when he said that, and I thought about whether I should better flee and…

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‘I was getting groceries,’ lies girlfriend covering up fourth craft store visit this week

Yarn hoarder!

bluebird of bitterness

FromThe Onion.

EUGENE, OR—Leaving her bags of fabric and buttons in the trunk of her car until later to avoid raising suspicion, local hobbyist Karen Berger lied outright to her boyfriend Wednesday by telling him she had been getting groceries in order to cover up her fourth visit to the craft store this week.

“Sorry I was gone for so long, but there was a lot of traffic on the way back from the supermarket, which is where I was,” said the profusely sweating Berger, hoping that her nervous perspiration would cover the distinctive lingering odor of découpage glue as she haltingly explained that she hadn’t brought back anything to eat because she hadn’t seen anything that looked good.

“How should I know why we’re getting all these Michael’s coupons in the mail? Do you have something you’d like to say to me? Jesus, I try to go…

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Good Day To . . . 4 September 2020 Stir It Up — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 4th Is A Good Day To . . . stir things up by doing the unexpected, by being willing to reassess the past, open to seeing values and commitments in a refreshed light, and by knowing that the urge to action must be vetted through both the values and what you ‘know but don’t know’; […]

Good Day To . . . 4 September 2020 Stir It Up — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Woodrow Nash


Humoring the Goddess

Born in the late 40’s in Akron, Ohio, Woodrow Nash is the product of sanctified churches, 1950’s television images, and black inner city neighborhood schools run by predominantly white middle-class educators.

Nash’s consuming passion to elevate the human spirit takes the form of sculptures, building builds a sense of mystery and charisma into each piece. 

Through his work, Nash achieves his goal of integrating expression, complex symbolism and sophisticated aesthetics to yield striking embodiments of the human soul and sensuality.Examining the contemporary male and female physique, he explores the body’s natural form and mythology.Incorporating various styles and techniques utilizing stoneware, earthenware, terracotta or porcelain, Nash’s work is fired electronically, pit fired or via a “raku” effect – creating an “African Nouveau” trademark that’s solely his own.While the images are African, in general, the concept is 15th century Benin with the graceful, slender proportions and long, undulating lines…

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Pause… | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

When you reach a plateau, you often become impatient with the pause and push, push, push for the next step. But if you remain calm, serene and peaceful, knowing the next step you take will be the right one, you will be able to enjoy the view and the company that decided to join you on your journey. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Deer Moon Astrology 9/3/2020


The Moon isvoid-of-coursefor the early part of the day today, from 7:34 AM PDT until 1:21 PM PDT. The forming Venus-Mars square adds extra pressure and emphasizes the need for patience and compromise. The Moon’s arrival in Aries brings forward emotional instability and impatience. Nonetheless, the pressure may help to bring forward creative solutions for what may seem to be intractable challenges. Mercury continues to encourage and aid in communication but today’s challenges should not be underestimated — emotional explosions are quite possible.

The moon takes its final steps in Pisces this morning while forming an opposition to Mercury. You may find it difficult to organize your thoughts, and articulating emotions could be next to impossible. This aspect can create a lot of frustration because you’ll want to connect with others, but you’re likely to find this challenging.

Misunderstandings are likely. Avoid any important conversations in the morning and save…

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