Ocean of Abundance Within

Reflections of Riverman

Ocean of Abundance Within MP3


Good Morning and welcome to Presence Of Light.

this morning’s first word arose as Abundance”.

Pulled from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards Deck of Elinor Von Linden.

This card’s message is, “My world is like an ocean, full abundance.”

Messages aligning with this ‘Ocean of Abundance Within’ title and my personal energy began to flow more freely.

It reminded me of how our thinking patterns are far more involved with our physiology than understood and that We have power over them.

We have been taught and trained for lifetimes now to accept what our parents, teachers and leaders have told us is the truth.

Yet, when we look around at what is happening in our world’s living presence, we automatically begin to shrink our energy fields.

This shrinking is a perfectly normal reaction wherein the signals to be more cautious create an imbalance which…

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