Deer Moon Astrology 9/1/2020


The moon moves into Pisces early this morning while forming a sextile to Mars, allowing us to get some much-needed, restorative sleep. The full moon in Pisces also creates a lofty vibe and intensifies empathic abilities, so be sure to start your day with some grounding to help you stay present as you continue into the afternoon.

Tonight’s Pisces Full Moon (10:21 PM PDT 10° Pisces/Virgo) is tightly sextile to Uranus, providing surprising opportunities to display new information in exciting and engaging ways. However, we may find ourselves prone to getting stuck if we believe we have reached the end of our discovery process. We need to stay flexible in our approach and keep gathering important bits of information. The forming Venus-Saturn opposition encourages us to listen carefully to the perspectives of others and learn to trust the importance of broad engagement. Basically, we should not believe that we have all the answers. We…

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