Bring On the Great Awakening w/ Jonathan Marshall

Bring on The Great Awakening with Jonathan Marshall & Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward

Jonathan Marshall (Youtube removed music as it broke copyright rules so here is the original)

  • Stolen government pensions
  • Swift Banking system has shut down as 8/31/20
  • Global Financial reset – collapsed global economy
  • Covid virus downgraded as similar to “common cold” by WHO and CDC
  • “Federal” Reserve is a private central bank owned by the Rothschild Family – has been taken over by the U.S. Treasury Dept.
  • Cognitive dissonance follows as people realize their belief systems are being attacked…
  • Donald Trump
  • Vatican has been emptied…
  • Thousands of people have been and will be arrested
  • Wearing masks endangers your health
  • Discovering the Truth can be painful…
  • We are in the midst of WWIII
  • Under 10,000 WORLD-WIDE who have perished from Covid-19; this “virus” scam was designed as background to take down the global economy