Harvesting Time

Gardening is good for your health and well-being. Meditation in motion, dancing with the elementals.

Dreamwalker's Garden

These weeks and months are just flying by so quickly these days, I hardly turn around and another week has gone by. But that in itself is a good thing, as I live in the now of moments, and to think too far into the future right now with all that is happening within our world only makes us anxious as we see what is unfurling before us.

A Mornings Harvest

This was a mornings harvest of tomatoes, Carrots and cucumbers , two varieties. The green ones as normal top middle and the yellow round ones are called lemon crystal cucumbers.. Very tasty.

Crystal Lemon Cucumber

French Beans

This is just a mornings pickings of french dwarf beans. This year we decided to try the yellow variety. These freeze well, and all of these were frozen after washing and preparing them. We also have had a great harvest of Runner…

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COVID’S CONTEXT: It’s all connected, unfortunately. — Exopermaculture

Note: In this post, I descend into the deepening darkness, briefly. Unless we face and embrace it, we cannot even begin to erase. It’s time, folks, to step up to the plate and begin to transform the unconscious use of underworld Plutonian power; let us begin to strongly intend to feel the Plutonian power of…

COVID’S CONTEXT: It’s all connected, unfortunately. —

Deer Moon Astrology 9/1/2020


The moon moves into Pisces early this morning while forming a sextile to Mars, allowing us to get some much-needed, restorative sleep. The full moon in Pisces also creates a lofty vibe and intensifies empathic abilities, so be sure to start your day with some grounding to help you stay present as you continue into the afternoon.

Tonight’s Pisces Full Moon (10:21 PM PDT 10° Pisces/Virgo) is tightly sextile to Uranus, providing surprising opportunities to display new information in exciting and engaging ways. However, we may find ourselves prone to getting stuck if we believe we have reached the end of our discovery process. We need to stay flexible in our approach and keep gathering important bits of information. The forming Venus-Saturn opposition encourages us to listen carefully to the perspectives of others and learn to trust the importance of broad engagement. Basically, we should not believe that we have all the answers. We…

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From Whence Cometh Peace on Earth? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, is peace a yearning or a fact of life? There do seem to be eruptions of less than peace at home and afield.

Is peace a requirement on Earth? Certainly, upset tends to be seen as a violation. Maybe there are some who yearn for confrontation and upset, as if confrontation and upset could hold salvation therein. Perhaps there are some who admire friction, because friction may bolster them with a sense of control, and anger seen as power prevailing.

Certainly, Oneness desires peace in abundance. Oneness doesn’t sit around thinking of offenses to fend off.

What causes the disruptions and frustration of uproar? Is there a cure? Is there a dissolution? What would make power so important that some in the world would risk everything on war?

Nothing is as complicated as it appears. At the same time, it would seem that nothing is as simple…

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Pimpy and Nicholas Veniamin Talk w/ Charlie Ward, 31 Aug 2020

Pimpy and Nicholas Veniamin Talk w/ Charlie Ward, 31 Aug 2020

Charlie Ward

  • Trump is using EOs to establish Presidential power to change government
  • 6,000 suppressed patents will be revealed to public
  • Financial reset is just the start of the upcoming changes
  • Much of government bureacracy is reduntant
  • BLM/Antifa terrorism is world-wide
  • Wealth redistribution
  • Plandemic – masks and lockdowns
  • People are waking up and protesting…
  • BLM and Antifa are fronts for the DNC/ Joe Biden
  • Globalists have pushed policies to drive public into NWO pen
  • Those who are supporting BLM and Antifa can be arrested for supporting terrorism
  • World peace vs New World Order
  • Onslaught against Trump is driven by those who have been in control and want to depopluate the planet through vaccines, etc.

Bring On the Great Awakening w/ Jonathan Marshall

Bring on The Great Awakening with Jonathan Marshall & Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward

Jonathan Marshall (Youtube removed music as it broke copyright rules so here is the original)

  • Stolen government pensions
  • Swift Banking system has shut down as 8/31/20
  • Global Financial reset – collapsed global economy
  • Covid virus downgraded as similar to “common cold” by WHO and CDC
  • “Federal” Reserve is a private central bank owned by the Rothschild Family – has been taken over by the U.S. Treasury Dept.
  • Cognitive dissonance follows as people realize their belief systems are being attacked…
  • Donald Trump
  • Vatican has been emptied…
  • Thousands of people have been and will be arrested
  • Wearing masks endangers your health
  • Discovering the Truth can be painful…
  • We are in the midst of WWIII
  • Under 10,000 WORLD-WIDE who have perished from Covid-19; this “virus” scam was designed as background to take down the global economy