X22 Report, 31 August 2020

The Only Way Forward Is To Manipulate, Other [CB]s Will Follow – Episode 2264a

The [DS]/MSM are trying everything they can to keep the country shutdown, but more and more states are finding it difficult because the people are waking up, they want the economy open. People are now realizing that it’s time to make a move they are doing it. The [CB] is now trying to stop the inevitable, but it is to late, they are in the process of being trapped.

Monroe Is The Message, Missing 302 On Deck, Law & Order – Episode 2264b

The [DS]/MSM are doing everything they can to take back the narrative. It’s too late, they fell riot into the trap that was created by the patriots. The CDC recalculates their numbers (<7000 deaths due to only COVID) and the MSM is in a deep panic. People will see the truth. Trump sends a message, it’s all about Monroe. Trump tweets out law and order again, but this time the time stamp is a message. The patriots are in control, the plan is moving forward.