Deer Moon Astrology 8/1/2020


your weekend astrology report 1SATURDAY, 8/1/2020: Our sense of direction may be severely challenged today. Next Monday’s Aquarius Full Moon (8:58 AM PDT 11° Aquarius/Leo), tightly square Uranus, will produce some unexpected breakthroughs in awareness. However, it is nearly impossible to see from here how such breakthroughs will shift our awareness and expand our perspective enough to break free of the uncertainty we feel today. The raw materials are certainly available to be seen — but may not be understood in terms of the value they can provide. Once again, faith is crucial to moving forward. What may be most striking for many of us is how our intuition is directing us away from established tradition even though we are intellectually and emotionally geared to seek security through those very traditions, especially under today’s Capricorn Moon. The Moon’s square to Mars in Aries brings significant impatience when quick answers are not forthcoming.


Today is the 214th…

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