X22 Report, 31 August 2020

The Only Way Forward Is To Manipulate, Other [CB]s Will Follow – Episode 2264a

The [DS]/MSM are trying everything they can to keep the country shutdown, but more and more states are finding it difficult because the people are waking up, they want the economy open. People are now realizing that it’s time to make a move they are doing it. The [CB] is now trying to stop the inevitable, but it is to late, they are in the process of being trapped.

Monroe Is The Message, Missing 302 On Deck, Law & Order – Episode 2264b

The [DS]/MSM are doing everything they can to take back the narrative. It’s too late, they fell riot into the trap that was created by the patriots. The CDC recalculates their numbers (<7000 deaths due to only COVID) and the MSM is in a deep panic. People will see the truth. Trump sends a message, it’s all about Monroe. Trump tweets out law and order again, but this time the time stamp is a message. The patriots are in control, the plan is moving forward.

Full Moon 1 September 2020 Suspension — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The first thing that draws my attention is the tidy sextile of the Full Moon in Pisces to Uranus, and the second thing is the loose Finger of God with base of Moon-Earth sextile Pallas and apex of Vesta; there’s also a close sesquiquadrate to Venus in Cancer. Though the FM makes no conjunctions among […]

Full Moon 1 September 2020 Suspension — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

September 2020 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Tania Marie

Today is the last day of August, as we approach the Pisces Full Moon of the 1st/2nd (depending on where you live) to kick off September. A great time to check in with ourselves and review the last month, while making adjustments for the upcoming one.

Based on what I’ve heard from many of you, I think you’ll find Lee’s insights to ring in – especially those of you experiencing physical symptoms as responses to the changes being assimilated.

Lee accentuates how listening to your creative impulse is important, regardless of whether or not you can see or understand right now how it fits into things or could possibly make a difference. Creative energy is also visionary energy and ideas. It doesn’t only have to be a physical creation that you produce, yet that energy is vital to keep moving.

I also love his insights around “visionary activism,” as that…

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Connecting the Dots – Michael Tellinger, Charlie Freak, Charlie Ward, August 11, 2020

Connecting the Dots – Michael Tellinger, Charlie Freak, Charlie Ward, August 11, 2020

Charles Ward

  • The QFS banking system has replaced the CB (Federal Reserve) Swift system
  • The power has been removed from the Rothschild central bank system
  • The take-down of the 13 Bloodline Venetian families, the real power behind the curtain, the pirates of the high seas, former controllers of world banking system
  • People of the left-hand sphere of the brain, no empathy, no compassion, no access to the higher mind, no connection to the right hemisphere,
  • Cananites, children of Cain, people of the left-side of the brain
  • Jesuits, evil arm of the Venetians, of the Cabal
  • No more usury, no more debt, chain of enslavement used against humanity for thousands of years
  • Cognitive dissonance facing the terrible truth of how manipulated humanity has been
  • Don’t get stuck in a negative spiral when faced by these terrible truths
  • We can create unity, internet connectivity to unite people, the future is beautiful, filled with love, abundance
  • Humanity has been trained to be fearful of an invisible enemy, lately, Covid 19…
  • MSM has been used as a tool against humanity; they have opened themselves up to massive lawsuits by their false stories about Hydroxychloroquine and other legacy drugs
  • We don’t have a free press… everything presented has been 180 degrees against humanity
  • The Jesuits control everything, media, education, religion, finance, government, health industry
  • 19 – 911, “crowning”, Corona, Cabal plan to take over the world
  • 5G network has not been turned on; it has been completely taken over
  • Tesla coil, wireless free energy, pulsing in 360 degree circle, wireless internet, 432 Hz, God consciousness, calms people down
  • Left brain, logic, mathematics, Saturn/Cronos, no mother/no father, you can jusify anything out of facts, figures and logics, all an illusion
  • Right brain, compassion
  • The papacy has been the controller of the world, has nothing to do with religion, falsified religion from old stories
  • Tesla towers have been tested all over the world, benign energy, magnetic energy
  • Bill Gates capitulated to Trump in 2016 after Trump won the election; showed Gates all of the information they have on the Cabal; all of the “mistakes” of MicroSoft has been done to expose the cabal and their plans
  • Donald Trump is a genius and powerful, every single “demon” of the cabal has capitulated; we are watching a movie
  • There will be NO forced vaccinations, no nano chips
  • The Alliance is gradually introducing this information to the Cabal
  • The Trump Family had connections to Tesla, John Trump, wireless conductor of energy, magnetic, resonance
  • Ancient path of the Middle Way, hidden by the Jesuits, scalar energies, magnetism heals and fills the ether, plasma, perfect eternal, no drugs
  • The Alliance completely hijacked the entire network of the 5G towers
  • With open the channels of genius and creativity… the Gateway to Eternity
  • Trump cancelled income tax — he has full control over the Fed. The monies from the collection of income tax did not run our country. Trump is putting the debt on the Fed, the Central Bank. The Federal Reserve was a private institution that has enslaved the people, created money out of thin air, created debt, and stole the money of the people
  • NESARA/GESARA – debt relief, take away the waste, 14-17% sales tax would be more than enough to run any country.
  • Money has been a tool to enslave humanity
  • We don’t need money; we need each other, “one small town” mentality, quantum domino effect for healing the world
  • Health insurance for all, including those people with free-existing conditions (Trump idea)
  • re-thinking about Trump
  • The Patent Office was controlled by the cabal, the inventions actively suppressed, the inventors killed, their inventions stolen (including the internet and social media platforms)
  • According to Michael, the world is not ready for unlimited energy… the Holy Spirit, the mind of God due to low frequency people. People need to re-learn to work in collaboration, co-operation, working together for the benefit of all. These generators will belong to all, all will contribute three hours per week, you then receive access to the free energy. “One Small Town” communities… energy belongs to all the people, not a mayor/commissioners or an utility. Benefits from all participating businesses, operating and collaborating together in a manner that benefits everyone.
  • Free vs. unfree
  • QAnon movement, drops, numerology/symbology
  • The Cabal has perverted and inverted, demonized the symbols of the Divine
  • The Cabal has created Maritime Law, unlawful, illusory, corporation… “a ship at sea” – all of God’s laws are based on land.
  • Maritime law – we wear different masks throughout our lives
  • etc.

It’s Hurricane Season…again!

It’s Hurricane Season…again!

Anyone who lives on the Florida Peninsula, the Gulf Coast or the Eastern seaboard is quite aware that the annual hurricane season is upon us as Isasias crawls north northwest through the Bahamas, threatening the eastern coast of Florida. In the southern states, hurricanes are a fact of life.

Awake before sunrise, I thought the hurricane would already be here, but, no… it wasn’t. Outside, the sky was relatively clear, with some high clouds to the NE, light winds, dry pavement. It was time for my morning walk. The morning temperatures here range from 75 to 82 degrees, with high humidity. Today, it was reasonably mild, pleasant with just a slight increase of wind to cool things off.

I noticed the sun had made a significant shift southward within the last couple of days, although the sun has often been obscured by morning clouds. Not this morning… there wasn’t the usual build-up of possible thunderheads out at sea or to the south, just high clouds.

Few people in the neighborhood appeared to be doing anything about preparing for a hurricane. Given all the dramatics on the weather channels, you would think a Category 5 was heading for Florida, but actually, Isasias may be more of a Category 1, possibly a Cat 2 or even drop down to a Tropical Storm after grinding across the low-lying Bahamas… islands that were devasated last year by a slow-moving Dorian. Current forecasts according to Ventusky.com have the storm reaching Miami any time from this afternoon to this evening. There’s still plenty of time to gather in the loose objects, yard furniture, and children’s toys…

While living in Florida for the past four years, I have endured two major hurricanes, Matthew and Irma, and observed Dorian chewing up the palm trees and wrecking houses in the Bahamas before making a leisurely departure and heading northward. Now, Isasias looms offshore. It is not the Category 5 monster that Irma was as she made landfall on Marcos Island in the Gulf of Mexico, an island south of Naples, Florida. Matthew never made landfall in Florida, but went ashore further north — in that favorite landing place called the Carolinas. Nevertheless, the Category 4 hurricane, which later dropped to a Cat 3 by the time it reached Daytona Beach, the slow-moving storm caused considerable damage to trees, roofs, and seashore, even well inland, miles away from the storm’s center. So, we Floridians, if I can call myself one, wait patiently for this next early storm to make its imprint upon the sands, power grid, and palms of Florida.

Meanwhile, as much of the United States swelters under high temperatures, we are going to be receiving four to six inches of rain sometime today or through the night… with bands of thunderstorms lulling us to sleep.

Frankly, I rather deal with hurricanes instead of the politicized covid issue that rages here daily — mask or no mask… At least hurricanes have the decency to move on, eventually.

Enjoy your day, wherever you live…

Fear or freedom? I choose freedom.

Eliza Ayres, 1 August 2020

Update: 2 August 2020, 07:41

Last night, Isaias was downgraded back to a Tropical Storm. To date, only a few narrow outer bands of showers and light winds have come ashore (9MPH winds sustained; 19MPH gusts). The main storm remains sitting astride the Bahamas, moving ever so slowly NNW. There are heavy clouds present in Palm Beach County, but nothing beyond what we deal with in the Florida rainy season due to periodic thunderstorms. There has been no thunder/lightning noted over the mainland; most of it is out to sea. Looking on http://www.ventusky.com at the percipitation and wind speed maps, shows the bulging bulk of Isaias is well out to sea. The storm could gain strength and momentum, but right now that’s a coin toss… Hopefully, the storm will continue its slow crawl northward. Those living on the Carolina coast should prepare for heavy surf, rip tides, possible coastal flooding and keep watching for weather updates…