X22 Report, July 31, 2020

The MSM/[CB]/[DS] Are Trapping Themselves Economically,Patriots Control The Economy – Episode 2238a

US economy is bouncing back stronger that the [DS]/MSM thought it would, they keep reporting past numbers, these numbers are from the shutdown, the future numbers are what is important because this shows the economy is recovering from the shutdown. GDP estimates skyrocket.

The MSM are reporting on old numbers during the lockdown… However, things are opening up, the numbers are going to change. Trump will receive the benefit for it.

Do You See How It’s All Coming Together, Drip, Crimes Against Humanity, Drip, Sedition/Treason – Episode 2238b

The [DS]/MSM are being cornered and the public is being educated one drip at a time. This is all part of the plan, treason, sedition and crimes against humanity will collide and this is when the public realizes what really was going on. The number of cases in Fl, TX, AZ have dropped on average of 15% or so. The patriots are in control, never interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves.

What does the media do? Spin, hide, protect. They are compliant, knowingly involved in all of these crimes against humanity.

The Art of War in action before our eyes.