X22 Report, July 29, 2020

Defense Production Act Activated, Infrastructure & Manufacturing Incoming – Episode 2236a

The real estate market is bouncing back, pending home sales soared in June to highest level since 2006. All around the country real estate market is making a comeback. A payroll tax cut holiday would benefit and businesses. Trump activates the Defense Production Act; manufacturing is coming back to the US. Funds have been distributed to states to start rebuilding the infrastructure. We are seeing a V market in the real estate market.

Optics Are Very Important, People Cannot Be Told, They Must See It To Believe It – Episode 2236b

The [DS]/MSM panic level is now off the charts, they are trying to control the narrative but it is not working, people are being shown their true agenda. The trap has been set and optics are very important, nothing can stop this now, nothing.

HCQ works. The masks are NOT necessary. What kind of vaccine is being prepared for people? What ‘cure’ is being prepared now. People are being censored, attacked for putting out the truth… why?