Have you Encountered the Guardian of the Threshold?

Our Spirit

Every person who crosses over from the physical world into the spiritual world must meet the Guardian of the Threshold between these worlds.

People usually faint and become unconscious upon crossing this portal upon sleep, death, or during deep meditation and transcendence of the physical world. This “guardian” or “dweller” is depicted in many forms, depending on the religious traditions or beliefs of the aspirant. Catholics depict this moment as a meeting with Saint Peter at the pearly Gates of Heaven where Peter questions the individual about his/her good and bad deeds. Peter is the preliminary “judge” of the deceased Catholic’s transgressions and wrongdoings – his sins. Jesus Christ is the ultimate judge, once the individual is allowed through the Gates of Heaven. Unfortunately, if Peter finds his sins to be to grave, he is cast down into Limbo or Hell as the reward for bad deeds where he will…

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