Transits for the Cancer-Leo Lunation

Becca Tarnas

The next lunation cycle opens with a rare Black Moon, a second New Moon in the same sign of the zodiac. The first New Moon in Cancer, which was also a Solar Eclipse, took place late at night between June 20 and 21. The second New Moon in Cancer will take place on July 20, inaugurating the next lunation cycle. The subsequent alignments between the Sun and the Moon—from waxing sextile to closing conjunction—will take place with the Sun in Leo. Thus, this cycle is primarily dominated by that Solar Leonine energy, but our seeds of intention will be planted in the Lunar-ruled soil of the sign of Cancer.

The retrogrades of Venus and Mercury are now behind us, and the Mars retrograde still lies ahead. The inner planets have smooth sailing, while the outer planets will all be moving retrograde against the backdrop of fixed stars before this lunation…

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