Sundeelia: “Where Am I From?”


Sundeelia – “Where Am I From?”

As someone who has shared with her readers her own antecedents as a blended Pleiadian-Venusian walk-in, Sundeelia invariably receives periodically such questions from spiritual seekers as:

Am I going to ascend Home?”

“Where is Home?”

“Am I a Pleiadian.  I would like to know!”

“Am I the Twin Flame of such and such Ascended Master (or Lady)?

“Who is the mother of such and such Ascended Master (or Lady)?

And so on, ad nauseum. 

Folks, I’m not a dictionary or the sole source of the Akashic Records.  Every human being has the ability to access to the Akash (the etheric records of the NOW compendium of all time, past, present, and future).  Yes, I have been focusing on my own access to the Akash in researching some of my past lives in the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, but I certainly don’t have all of the answers.  What is more important is my question to those who ask such things, “Why are you asking this question; what hunger within will be satisfied by knowing the answer?  Why is it important or even necessary to have this question answered now?”

Any person, whether starseed, walk-in, or Earthly master teacher with an honest heart will kindly tell such a person to look within.  The careful and diligent student will understand that by going within, you will be able to answer your own questions without badgering someone outside of your individualized consciousness foci, who, quite often, only appears to have all the answers.  And how does one open the door to the within?  By opening the heart center.

Until a student has successfully opened the Door to the Secret Chamber of the Heart, there will be no true connection to the Akash.  Yes, you can connect to lower frequency beings and frankly, many current channelers are doing just that.  By opening up your auric field to just anyone who will answer your questions – I am including non-physical entities of negative polarity – you open yourself up to a world of trouble, mostly relating to the cancerous growth of the ego.

Older spiritual teachings speak of the necessary destruction of the ego.  I happen to disagree with that perspective, seeing the ego as a necessary part of the body consciousness that originally had the job of making sure the body was safe.  However, if a person has not worked on clearing old records, ancient trauma, and persists in clinging to various beliefs, there can arise various emotional and mental issues relating to an unbalanced ego.

As one awakens to the Truth that you are a fractal of Source energy, there is sometimes the misguided assumption that you must be the Twin Flame of such and such Ascended Master… or even you are that Ascended Master or Lady.  This is actually a rather common theme in the process of awakening and something people need to beware of and to move beyond.  Even if you have a connection with a higher frequency Being, it does not follow that you are them or related to them.  More commonly, it is the ego’s desire to puff itself up that drives the person to proclaim they are such and such.

Oh, yes… if you have read my own claims about my personal connections, you might want to ascribe similar motivations.  However, the connection has been verified by other sources and my particular light frequency is quite high compared to other incarnated individuals, which is not to say that I am better, just different.  We each carry our own inner personal soul contracts according to our divine blue print.

Now, how do you open the Door to the Akashic Records?  Simple… open your Heart.  Let go of the needs of the ego to puff itself up and exercise true humility.  Spirituality is not complex.  You do not need to eat special food, do special exercises, wear special clothes or drape your body with crystals.  Simply accept yourself as you are now and learn to listen to the messages that are conveyed through your own body vehicle via the avenue of what is called intuition.  Learning to rely on your gut feelings as intuition is often called (at least in the States) is the first step to approaching the ability to hear and listen to the still silent Voice of Spirit, which emanates through the God seed planted within your own Heart.

My sister Tazjma learned to listen to her intuition by spending a lot of time out in the woods, often alone.  She got answers to questions about the weather, about plants, where to go… if she remained calm and centered in her body.  She learned that if one is centered within, they are always safe and protected as the body has an early warning device that registers as a tight sometimes nauseous feeling in the solar plexus, the “power” center of the body according the Vedic teachings.  What she learned about utilizing the body’s intuition was translated to me through the body consciousness when my consciousness replaced hers (i.e., she walked out and I walked in during the spring of 2017).

The present period of transition is presenting many challenges to people, both at an individual and collective level.  It is a time to review and perhaps release old belief systems, or at least to attempt to keep an open mind about things.  Much of what has been introduced or taught by “authorities” in the past, are now being proven to have little and sometimes no basis in fact – in other words, humanity has been subjected for interminable centuries to a diet of lies given forth by a small minority of black magicians who desire complete control of this planet.  It’s difficult to accept that anyone would actually lie about the origins of humanity, discount oral traditions of indigenous people, or suppress natural remedies… but all these things and far worse has, indeed, occurred.

Now is the time for the true, grounded, level-headed spiritual seeker to put on the armor of God, the Shield of Archangel Michael*, to lessen the effects of the tremendous psychic attacks being directed to those who speak the Truth at any level, narratives that are not accepted by the existing establishment whether political, religious, or academic.  By putting the Shield on every day does not mean you will not feel some negative energies being directed towards you, but it will lessen the effect and redirect the attack back to the sender multiplied. 

Okay, I got sidetracked, again… happens often.  Using the Violet Flame to dissolve and transmute energies is an effective way to open your heart chakra.  The first time Tazjma utilized the Violet Flame mantras given by the Ascended Master Teachings, she felt an answering warmth growing within her chest.  The Violet Flame is the perfect balance of the Feminine Pink ray of compassionate Love and the Masculine Blue Ray of Strength, Power, and Alignment with the Will of God.  It is my suggestion (and your choice) to work with the Violet Flame until you, also, begin to experience bodily sensations of warmth especially within the Heart Center.  There are various sources of Violet Flame mantras including the I AM Teachings, Summit Lighthouse, etc.  No one source is the Source although many former teachers (and some current ones) do make such a claim; there are many – after all there are billions of people on the planet, why would one person have the Key for everyone?  Look for the teachings of Saint Germain and the Lady Quan Yin as exceptional Teachers devoted to working with the generations of humanity and towards freeing this world from the darkness into which it fell during the latter days of Atlantis.

Now, as you awaken… wake up and become a part of the general Great Awakening that is occurring on Earth (or Terra as the Pleiadians call this planet) you may wonder whether or not you have your origins elsewhere, whether as an extraterrestrial (a being who is not incarnated upon this planet) or from a higher frequency.  Frankly, pretty much everyone incarnated here has off-world origins in their bloodlines, some older than others.  A goodly portion of human DNA is as yet undefinable but is apparently of extraterrestrial origin; the rest is similar to apes.  Go figure.  Perhaps apes are a line of descent from the extraterrestrials who originally set up colonies here rather than the other way around?  In other words, devolution rather than evolution.

So, back to my original focus… what prompts people to ask me or anyone associated with anything vaguely labeled as “spiritual” “Where do I come from?”

Really, I can think of more important things to ask Spirit.  Still, when one opens the Heart Center, the third flame of the three-fold Flame is activated, which is the Key to Divine Intelligence or Christ Consciousness.  This internal activation is also the Key to opening up access to the Akash.  One must be humble, patient, and calm, not seeking out answers that puff up an out of balance ego, but answers that echo strongly within the heart as an affirmation.  Even as the connection to Divine Intelligence is strengthened by one’s alignment with the Will of God, so, too, will the possibility that answers will be more easily forthcoming.  However, it is important to realize that often times until there is a specific need for an answer to be given, that answer will not be forthcoming.  You must then ask yourself, “Did I ask that question because I am impatient and want to know the answer now?” Or: “Did I ask that question because I am experiencing doubts about who I am or think I am?”

Frankly, what does it matter if you are Pleiadian in origin or have incarnated here from the Orion System?  Being incarnated upon Earth is an opportunity to change one’s path and soul trajectory.  From a negatively polarized emphasis you can switch to one that is positively polarized and vice versa.  I have personally witnessed former light workers and star seeds turn to the Dark Side as they are subsumed by misqualified ego issues or are implanted during the process of attending various so-called spiritual events and classes given by others who have already been compromised.  Once implanted, an individual will inevitably attract the presence of negatively-polarized non-physical entities which will strive to pump negative thoughts into the person’s consciousness leading them steadily towards an imbalanced state, resulting in a loss of light and fall in frequency.  By the way, this can also occur in higher frequency worlds as souls incarnated there are still growing, striving and working on their soul evolution (or not).

This time of transition is an opportunity that comes only once during the course of several lifetimes.  Once the internal choice has been made, the soul sets course for the world that will suit its next incarnation wherein it will again attempt to master the lessons and to embark on the Journey of Return.  Many will fail this round.  The Law of One teachings given forth during the 1980’s claims that 85% of Earth humanity will be moved to other 3D worlds as they pass out of incarnation here, for they “are neither hot nor cold”.  Another 5% of Earth’s population will ‘ascend’ back to negatively polarized worlds such as the region of the lower Orions or the Midway Belt (Orion’s Belt).  The remaining 10% of Earth’s population will ascend, either with the planet or return Home to reblend with their Higher Selves.  These are the starseeds, those who are not of the generations of humanity, not indigenous to the planet.  This percentage includes walk-ins, who utilize human vehicles, but who chose not to incarnate as a baby into this world for various and very personal soul reasons.

Few are those, even among starseeds, who are a fractal or fragment of an Ascended Master, much less a Twin Flame of a Lord or Lady Master.  Many have been the claims of this or that person who has founded a New Age teaching or church that they are the Twin Flame of such and such.  I have heard of some misguided people insisting that they are the fullness of their Higher Self, a pronouncement that has everything to do with ego rather than being based in truth.  As a walk-in, I am not the fullness of my Pleiadian self; a mere 8 to 10% of my consciousness resides here and given I am currently housed within an older physical vehicle, even that percentage is sometimes challenged to remember what Home looks like or feels like.  Yet, I am constantly visited by members of Family and Friends, who seek to assure my sometimes-faltering confidence that I am not alone or forgotten.  I identify these Beings by the way they feel, usually by a warmth in my Heart Center.  Sometimes I can tell immediately who is there; other times, I use muscle testing or my pendulum to determine to whom I am speaking.  If the energy feels off, I call in Archangel Michael to promptly remove the being… who is most likely someone or something with which I have no wish to communicate.  Your body is a very useful tool during this incarnation, given to you by Spirit.  It is up to you to determine how to utilize this sensitive and amazing creation.

So, now that I have thoroughly confuse everyone reading this, I will end.  I know attention spans are very short these days, especially my own.  Yet, I persist in endeavoring to clear and connect, in all humility and desire to serve my people by remembering. 

You are blessed to live in such times as they come rarely.  Take advantage of the situation and strive to come into attunement within your own Heart and seek not the false teachings of others or those teachings that may not serve you as you move upon your own journey of the soul.  Seek with a humble heart and when it is time for you to know the answer, you will know the question.  If you know the question, you know the answer.  Seek it within.  It is there waiting… to have the Light of Christ Consciousness shown upon it through the focused attention of a humble and obedient Heart aligned with the Will of Father/Mother God.

Blessings and salutations,

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved.  Videos and recordings of this material are NOT authorized.  If re-blogging, link to the original source and author, Eliza Ayres,

3 thoughts on “Sundeelia: “Where Am I From?”

  1. Sunny, your post is beautiful. I do wonder about my origins , especially when in my early twenties ( I think? ) I asked a psychic about other matters and she went off on a tangent and said my origins are not of this planet! She seemed surprised and did not elaborate. I was horrified because I had no reference point at that time.
    I agree that we are who we are and will always be, whether we access that info or not. I am fascinated by the Pleiades, but that does not imply I have DNA from there. Many of us star seeds, lightworkers, whatever name we call ourselves, came in this time feelings “alien”. disconnected, not belonging. I was in that category. So it is natural for many to wonder about their origins and not have access to the Records.

    Thanks for sharing your truth. ❤

    • It’s not that I can’t answer the questions; it’s not really my place. Such things are part of waking up to the reality of your Beingness, a sacred and very individual process. For some people to learn where their soul comes from might actually interfere (at least temporarily) in their soul growth, personal confidence, and sense of knowingness. And if the person is out of alignment, the answer will probably not suffice in any measure and be followed by others. It is a waste of my time. It’s better to learn on your own, in your own timing, and from your own connection to Source. If anger arises with my refusal to answer such a question, I would venture to say that that person is currently out of alignment with their own Spirit and Higher Self. I am not responsible for anyone else’s soul journey; that is interfering with free will. Thanks for the lovely comment. “Sunny”

    • If it is important, you will find out through one means or another. Just be open to possibilities and be aware of what teachings attract you more than others. Hints and dots are always there… waiting to be connected.

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