What Everyone Needs to Know About COVID-19 [video]

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“The Virus” didn’t come out of the blue. Facts matter.

Watch here or if unavailable, on Bitchute. Please share this information widely.



The outbreak was predicted, like most significant events. We are always given clues about what is in store for Humanity.

There is a name for it: predictive programming

For example… this Simpsons episode is from ten years ago. They used the Simpsons to tell us about other events, as well.

Nothing ever just “happens” on this planet. It’s all planned and orchestrated to suit an agenda.

Learn more about the Wuhan Flu in this excellent documentary which premiered on June 28th.

The Coverup of the Century | New documentary on how the CCP covered up the coronavirus outbreak |NTD

Independent journalist Jon Rappaport explains aspects most people have not considered in this shocking article.

Death by killing old people, not COVID—the basic deception


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