What Everyone Needs to Know About COVID-19 [video]

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“The Virus” didn’t come out of the blue. Facts matter.

Watch here or if unavailable, on Bitchute. Please share this information widely.



The outbreak was predicted, like most significant events. We are always given clues about what is in store for Humanity.

There is a name for it: predictive programming

For example… this Simpsons episode is from ten years ago. They used the Simpsons to tell us about other events, as well.

Nothing ever just “happens” on this planet. It’s all planned and orchestrated to suit an agenda.

Learn more about the Wuhan Flu in this excellent documentary which premiered on June 28th.

The Coverup of the Century | New documentary on how the CCP covered up the coronavirus outbreak |NTD

Independent journalist Jon Rappaport explains aspects most people have not considered in this shocking article.

Death by killing old people, not COVID—the basic deception


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Good Rising…

Reflections of Riverman

Every day is another opportunity to greet Life with the fullness of your Heart.

As WE rise to meet the Sun, Our Ancient Benefactor…

Let Us accept with deep gratitude
an amazing opportunity
in which All Living Beings
are recognized as a part of ourselves.

As WE accept them into Our Hearts
Let Us feel the Wholeness of Life
which can only be reached as a collective
and open-ended consciousness.

A super-consciousness without restriction
or inability to comprehend the vision of Oneness
Our Ancestors are delivering to us
within each breath and heartbeat.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.30.20

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Today, June 30, 2020: JupiterRx conjuncts PlutoRx exact —

Jupiter, planet of fullness, luck, generosity, largess, excess, gambling, egotism, that which lends its massive aura to whatever is happening otherwise, conjuncts Pluto early this AM at 24°06 Capricorn for the second time in this round of three, all during 2020. The final Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will occur on November 13, just after the election that…

Today, June 30, 2020: JupiterRx conjuncts PlutoRx exact —

A Toast to the World | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

From the goodness of your heart, let life spring. Set the dial of your heart on the side of the positive. Generosity will then be the well-spring of your life. Resistance will be a thing of the past. Now you will give fully to life. There will be no holding back. This giving will feel like receiving. When a baby smiles at you, what do you do? You smile back. See the world as a smiling baby that greets you. Warm up to the world. Become its benefactor of love.

Expect friendliness, and be it.

Expect warmth, and be it.

Expect a good reception, and you will have it, because you are one who gives a good reception to all. The one who gives, receives. You will be the interlocutor of the universe. You will be the host, the emcee. You will be the leader. You will be…

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A Good Day To . . . 1 July 2020 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 1st Is A Good Day To . . . promise yourself you won’t communicate from a position of hurt–and further, that you won’t inflict hurt yourself. One thing we need to remember about our own part in hurting others is that we don’t get to determine whether someone else should feel hurt by something we’ve […]

A Good Day To . . . 1 July 2020 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Prior to the physical

Love's Beginning

You are accustomed to depending upon the physical, but we invite you to depend upon what is prior to the physical. There is something prior to the physical, and you know instinctively what that is. No words are needed. You can just instantly go in and get a sense of what is prior to the physical. Anyone can.

You are accustomed to valuing the physical and how you believe you as a separate one can manipulate and control it. We invite you to notice that what is prior to the physical can do anything that needs to be done through you and with the utmost efficiency. When we speak of efficiency, we speak of that which offers maximum benefit to all.

The physical is only an effect of thinking and is very malleable and flexible. Only your judgments keep it looking rigid and limited. There is nothing more important than…

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