Life in the Slow Lane While the Outside World Is Crazy

Alabama? In the hill country?

Living Local ~ Creating a Beautiful Life

Our UPS guy has tested positive.  Evidently, this whole county had better stay in our houses, awaiting final imprisonment by the dark side via their Democrat party, their BLM and their Antifa.  This house arrest in some states for having been exposed to a virus and not getting sick is ridiculous.  We will all test positive, eventually.  Ever hear of an “internal immune system”?  Or has that concept been banned?

Makes me want to go someplace, which I rarely want to do. I’d rather stay home and watch the many deer and the birds.  Earlier, for the first time a bigger deer subspecies, like in Southern Illinois, passed through.  Now, the usual tiny Alabama deer have returned to the backyard and the old horse pasture.  Several kinds of berries make it a desirable place to graze.  The other day Jerry got afraid that they’d not leave him any of his…

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